Heros exclusive to gilded crate

Anyone else sh!t out of luck with the gilded crate?
Ive not gotten one hero exclusive to this crate so far.

Is there some sort of trick?

Do i need to knock on the wall 3 times while walking backwards im a corridor humming a justin bieber song.

Or offering my first born?

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You have a better chance of winning in PVP unless you dump 100’s in the game.

Well for me it just takes patience it took me awhile to get 2 ut of 4 of the heroes in the gilded crate

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I got lancer out of it few months back and got him again yesterday, so yeah pretty much :slight_smile:

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I’ve managed to get Lancer and Purifier from the crates. When you look at the drop rates, the exclusive heroes are really quite hard to obtain. I don’t care much for Commando, but Striker is one I’m really hoping to get.

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I’ve heard Commando is really good for Bountys and PvP. (I haven’t gotten any of them either)

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I cant get gilded tokens unless pvp event and buying them and I ain’t spending $60 for 3 of them lol and yea I know there’s more in the deal but I’m looking for gilded tokens only all I need is striker and I want her/him so bad ughhhh


zero luck. it gets me mad that all this work had to be done to get a single token and that token turns into Savage. its annoying. Like i have the skin for Commando, but cant do anything with it cause i dont have commando.

if there was a better way, id go for it.


It would be nice if they would increase your chances of getting heroes you don’t own with each pull. That way maybe the new exclusive Gilded heroes start at 4% drop chance and then move up something like .10 or .25% each pull. That means after ten pulls your chance at a hero would be 6.5% instead of 4.

It would help increase the chances of getting the heroes rather than have people pull hundreds and not get anything due to bad luck.


Just luck really. I’ve only got commando and lancer, aiming for purifier and striker but so far no luck. They’re not exactly the best heroes in the game but they have cool unique skills and looks which I love.

Damnnu should get him be is awesome

I always either get commando or some random three star I have at a five star level.

Best i got was a skin for one of them. cant get a drop. trying my best to save the gilded tokens but its hard to resist at times and then be disappointed with more Savage frags

I think some of the toons in there should be removed to may toons you can get many other ways kills the chances to get the newer toons you can only get in these crates