Adjust Al!

To make game experiance better and to make the most advantage of the heroes you r playing especially when you r not playing them and the AI is leading them

Some ideas need to be studied and tested to make AI experiance better

1- make the AI heroes automatically attack their natural enemy (energy >> chemical )
(mech >> energe )
(chemical >> mech )
Every time i do autoplay on Heckler he automatically start attacking mech heroes randomaly !!!

2- make the game tactics better
heroes sometimes use their abaility randomaly
and when its the most needed they dont use it !!!
I watched matador while autoplay is on
And when Rally Cry is fully charged two of my heroes where under 50% health and he did not activate his abaility untill one of them died.
On the other hand i watched him also in another game when the enemy has one enemy left and my team is almost at full health matador suddenly activate the
So to solve this i thought why we cant do some tactics before entering the battle
-Like when an allied hero is below 50% health and their is a healer on the team with fully charged abaility then he activate that abaility

  • panzer automaticall start breach and clear when their is an. Chemicall enemy with at full health
    Those tactics would be great if ablied and the xp will be much much better

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