Still no healing from ai heros

Why is it still that heros dont heal when the ai control a hero
Its been months I keep sending tickets over and over again with videos that heros dont heal when the ai controls them its really frustrating that my heros die when other heros have their skill fully charge and still dont use it
As example moss dont heal at all 2 minutes fights and still dont heal when I lose and moss isthe last one that dies there are more heros but this problem takes way to long for a good fix
And they keep adding new heros and dont fix any problems with the updates

can i see the videos?

Switch to your healers. There should be an incentive to do so. In some games I switch arround triggering skills.

Thats not really helpfull if you play a damage dealer and almost kill someone and just see a hero dies or the hero die that I am playing and switching to moss and see both healing skills are both fully charge

Thats one video I had more but I have lag if I record and playing pvp

in that video, your matador heals is fine

How can you see its fine he is just waiting till rykers dies and heals then after ryker is death

I know it gauntlet but still to late useing the healing abilities moss have

ah, sorry i lost you there

that’s ai in general. Even damage dealer is dumb sometimes

So the one match they are godlike and you cant lose because your ai is way to good shoots 100% accurate and use their abilities always when needed and other matches thwy are like shit and they can hit a target and dont use their abilities or use them to late
Thats normal in your eyes?
Maybe they should fix it or they always are like shit or they are always the same good this is just ridicules that it can cost you a match or that they can win you a match just your own skill level doesnt matter

yep something like that.
its not like its normal for me, of course im happy if there any improvement on ai behaviour.
For me is kinda im not expecting any good AI to begin with everytime im playing pvp

There are already topics discussing about this matter and a lot of players already ask of the improvement.

I switch between hero’s to use skills

I try to switch between heroes too… getting the right timing takes some practice though :wink: