AI healing

Please fix the AI’a healing hero was at like 5% health and the healer didn’t even cast heal I had to swap to him and by the time I did my hero was dead

Which hero was this?

It was Gammond in brawl, but heimlock does it as well hell have both of his skill full and my main dps is almost dead

Yes, AI is not perfect, it just gives you incentive to play as the hero, or constantly switch between heroes

Yea I get that. But there should be a way to make them instantly proc the heal when it falls below a certain percentage like they do with flatline

Sometimes the AI does as intended but Flatline also won’t use her skill all the time depsite some of your team being dead, the AI is purposefully not as good as it could be to get players to switch between their team and micro-manage skills.

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Flatlines skill that keeps them from dying not her revive skill always procs

Hi, you’re talking about “stay with me”? That skill is passive that’s why it always actives

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