AI is so bad: the community deserves better than this

The AI is really ruining the game experience. I’m not just talking about the PVP AI, but also the general PVE system as well.

1.) Element use - What’s the point of mixing and matching your team composition when the AI hardly utilizes their elemental advantage?

2.) Inconsistent targeting - AI does not have a sense of kill shot. It’s irritating when an AI attacks an enemy until the HP<1000 and suddenly switches to a different target. There’s no logic to that.

3.) Poor skill use - Try observing an auto battle and see how a healer will not heal someone who is dying. It’s a consistent flaw.

4.) AI lag time - The AI uses cover like there’s no tomorrow even if no one is shooting at him.

5.) Non objective responsive AI - if the objective is to kill the boss with a 6-7 digits HP, why are the AI’s targeting all the other distractions? Should our progress be really limited by this stupid mechanic?

6.) Poor AI is ruining any strategic mechanics in the game - You can balance your team, but with the poor AI (and unfair matching system in PVP), you are bound to lose when 4 of your teammates are targeting toons they are not suppose to be targeting. Have you ever finished a PVP and you only killed one toon (the one you’re targeting) and all the other enemy toons have <10% HP? That’s how stupid the AI is.

7.) ALL of these limitations + Bounty = Gold rob! Imagine you need to kill a toon with millions of HP. This toon goes to three different location but you need to kill all the enemy in one location to chase the boss. It makes me wonder how I am the only one targeting the boss, yet I also have to spend 10 seconds to kill all the other mobs. It’s a kill me moment feeling.

8.) Finally, poor AI is not an excuse for game balance - This is a 5 toon team game and you can only control one toon at a time. You + 4 stupid AIs = a really frustrating experience. Although as a sense of service to the community, the AI should be stable and consistently reliable in a team based AI controlled game. BUT OK people are not paying for it. BUT since the game is also selling the auto play mode (ex. in Raids) for VIPs, they should make sure that the auto mode of the AIs is not as stupid as it is now.


100% agree need update this / We need panel for pre-config this like lineage revolution automode i know it’s probably not the same budget but… trying to do something

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Another issue with AI is drones in bounty events. I can wipe every target but can’t progress till I take over and hit the one drone that’s stuck behind a barrier. And everyone just sits there costing precious seconds. No taking out the barrier or anything. They just stay put till I take it out.


Your concerns raised for a few times before but no improvement at all …

I don’t know why the enemy’s AI is too good to kill my controlled toon but my teammates cannot focus on anyone, or just focus on barriers.

If it was already raised then it’s just poor customer service. =/ we need an explanation on why they are so bad.

I think the AI is fine the way it is. Your opponent has the same AI controlling his/her team so it’s fair. This puts more emphasis on skill and being able to control the right hero. Improving the AI would reduce the skill component of the game.


Agree with @Aaron_Tupaz. The game is alot about choosing which hero to control and thinking about survivability for the other four until its time to swich to the one you need for the next target. You cant stay with the same hero through the entire fight

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Define skill? Haha The current state is skewed more on improving the pay to win schemes.

I like the ai the way it iw

If the AI is too smart, PVP matches would be decided by who has the better hero (like most collecting-based RPG out there) rather than skill. You could then essentially leave the game in auto-pilot in PVE.

While I do agree that the AI can be incompetent in critical situations and can get frustrating, but it didn’t really ruin the game experience for me. It made me realize that I shouldn’t rely on the AI too much but rather depend on my skills instead.

The game encourages players to switch in between heroes and not just use one hero and leave the rest to the AI. Thats your role in the game, to make sure you use the correct hero at the correct time.

Incompetent AI actually levels the field in PVP

  • I remembered first time I faced a team with a prophet in PVP(I was just level 30) I actually ended up winning. I won because I immediately switched to my clyde to focus him down, my opponent was using another hero and his prophet kept switching targets which gave me an opening. I was very surprised after that match. I won because I was able to outplay my opponent despite him having a powerful hero. I thought having a 5* or 7* hero would guarantee you a win like most collecting-based RPG.

  • The same goes with lower leveled opponents I faced. They were able to beat me because they focused on my key heroes first. It made my pvp experience more enjoyable and pushed me to experiment further on team composition.

  • Now imagine if the AI we’re smarter then. My chances of winning against that prophet team would’ve been lowered significantly. My pvp playstyle would probably depend more on getting stronger heroes than actual team composition and skill.

PVE would be less challenging if AI were smarter

  • Fort Anchor 4-6 was the first challenging campaign I encountered (the one where you have to kill 10 drones to win). Can’t count the number of times I had to replay this stage. The AI was so unreliable at this stage because it required precision and switching to other heroes wasn’t really an effective strategy. The best tactic I came up was to just straight up use dogface and ration his bullets. It really pushed my manual aiming skills to the test.(The same goes to other stages with similar mechanics) Every shot counts and when I finally did it, I felt so relieved. I have to credit this stage for improving my manual aiming skills at this game.

  • Now imagine if the AI we’re smarter then. I would probably struggle less in this stage and my team composition might’ve been different. I might not have the chance of having that uphill battle I had with my dogface.

So overall I think the AI is fine. My playstyle doesn’t really rely on them too much. And I dont really see this as a “You + 4 stupid AIs”. Its more of a You + 5 Toons that you need to micromanage for me.


I completely agree if the ai was any smarter this game would be horrible

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The operative term is “too smart” lol

I can’t believe there are poor service sympathizers. It’s like a state of learned helplessness.

You can’t believe that there are people that don’t agree with you? Okay so whats your point?


Yeah isn’t that what your complaining about? I based my “too smart” assumptions based on the number of things you would like the AI to improve on:

1.Element use
2.Inconsistent targeting
3.Poor skill use
4.AI lag time
5.Non objective responsive AI

If the AI wont have these flaws then they would be deemed “too smart”

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I agree with elements from both sides.

I am mostly an auto-play player, as belive me a flawed AI is about 200% better than me controlling! This does mean however that I have watched the AI a lot and this is what I have observed:

I do think the AI could be smarter as it doesn’t seem to have much rhyme or reason as to what it does. It doesn’t seem to pay any attention to the elemental aspect of the game, as I have observed my hero targeting the only enemy that it is weak against when there were at least two hero’s he was stong against! And I have also observed my hero target an enemy and reduce their health down to <500, then target another enemy with it’s last shot and after the reload completely ignore the enemy on the brink of death! (it is often another hero that finishes them off!) This does happen more often than not.

But I understand if the AI was Deep Blue then why have a human element/option in the game at all!

There was another post on here last week that suggested a simple heirarchy of what the AI should do, which I would support. I think if that if the “thinking” was known by the players at least we can then make an informed choice as to how we play.

Saying all that, the AI does me alright. I enjoy the game, I usually get in the top 500-750 in the events and I get enough gems and gold to keep me interested! So you’re doing alright HotHead, keep it up.


The other thread I mentioned is here: Auto targeting parameters

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Agreed x9000

The crux of the matter is that Hero Hunters is a game where a single human controls a team of heroes, not 5v5 human battles. I’m still totally noob but switching heroes at key times and in key situations is one of the more important, yet valuable, aspects to this title imho.

It takes the required attention to in-game details, which made Quake3 such a huge competitive title back in the day, and adds even more multitasking(the first being keeping mental track of timing, ammo, hp, armour etc) in the form of actual characters to control.

It’s exactly why I’m digging the hell out of this game.

See? Do we just accept the all too common flaws just becasue it is “part” of the games mechanics. I’m pretty sure it’s more on the lazy design side. People saying that the AI is ok to be as stupid as it is right now cannot imagine the level of logical competitiveness it can do when they improve the AI. When you lose, it’s not because the AI f*cked you up for doing something so outrageously stupid, but now it boils down to your own skills and decisions.

I reiterate, having a dumb AI is not an excuse as a part of this service. Because making the AI smart, will make it smart across the board.

What maybe got lost in my waffle were my points:

  • The AI should be smarter.
  • Some simple, logical parameters would help this. Such as the ones recommended here by @KOMODOCHAOS : Auto targeting parameters
  • If everyone knew the parameters, then we can all make an informed choice in how we play.
  • User controlled Heros will and should always have an advantage over computer controlled ones.
  • Sure the AI could be better, but it’s not the worst I’ve seen!