Auto targeting parameters

Does anyone have a clou, how the AI chooses, which heroes they attack?

I think it has something to do with the position they are set, when you put together your team. Did anyone notice other parameter?

No idea what the actual parameters are, but can they be a simple priority basis?

  1. Attack lowest health enemy that you have elemental advantage over after which…
  2. Attack lowest health enemy of same element as you after which…
  3. Atatck lowest health enemy with elemental advantage over you.

Just an idea for the developers @Huginn (only developer’s name I could remember - no offence other developers…) :grin:


Seems to be different for each hero. I have some that target the lowest but I have some like dogface that seem to go for the highest first and will swap after each reload. Refuses to stay on a target unless I’m controlling him. And they all ignore targets they have a bonus against.

They’re designed to frustrate us. Haha

I don’t really know the real priority order, Im kinda making this up based on my personal experience, but this is what I personally believe:

1st - Marked / taunted enemies
2nd - Enemy that did huge damage to you and is controlled by the enemy player (only in PvP, obviously)
3rd - Enemy that did huge damage to you
4th - Enemies with low health
5th - Enemies out of cover (stunned or lifted enemies are included here)
6th- Elemental strength

If there are two valid targets for a given condition (two marked/taunting enemies, for example), the next condition is checked.

When you are autoing, you can notice sometimes that when an enemy goes under cover, your hero automatically changes targets. But if the enemy has low health or has done a lot of damage recently, your hero will keep attacking the cover. I’ve only noticed AI attacking weak elements at the start of the match, well no enemies are low on health neither did damage, so thats why I think it can be the last directive for priority targeting.

PS: The order can be something like this, too:
1st - Whoever makes less sense to attack at a given moment
2nd - The rest
3rd - Whoever makes more sense to attack at a given moment

PS2: Just noticed this post is 4 months old. Not sure how it got into my “unread” topics. I could delete this post, but it will still appear as “post deleted blah blah blah”, so Im leaving it.

Marked, taunted enemies. Then retaliatory, they’ll change target to whoever is attacking them.