Alliance Gear Colection Blitz scoring error?

I don’t understand how this event is scoring… I’m not receiving the points the rules state as
Collect or craft 1 item

green 2 points
bronze 10 points
silver 25 points
gold 50 points
platinum 100 points

I complete a daily raid on brutal level and am awarded with energy canisters:

green x4
bronze x6
silver x6
gold x5
platinum x3

I get 8 points total… Am i receiving the minimum score of 2 for 1 of each item type and the number of items not being counted at all?

I just did a quick win of 6-10.

was awarded

1 silver and 2 gold items

I would expect 125 points. I received 25.

You get points for items, not for parts/fragments. You got 4 green canisters (items), and bronze,silver, gold and platinum (parts, so they don’t award any point).

4 green items x 2 points each, you got 8 points for that raid.

Same for the 6-10 quickwin, I guess