Alliance Logs

Hey guys this is my first post here.
I think that an alliance log of all the members would be a great idea.
Like I don’t know if the feature is in the game already, but it’d be nice to know how long members have been in an alliance and how much they have contributed.
My current alliance Fearless Hunters (FH7) has a problem with members joining and slacking OFF (Doing one patrol to become eligible for crate rewards and doing a single bounty or attack in war to steal the benefits.), obviously this isn’t a problem in my alliance only but it would be informative to see how many alliances someone has left and the time spent in them.
Also possibly only allowing a player to join one alliance every 2 days or a week or something, just so they stick to one and don’t steal rewards.

Hope someone on the team sees this, thanks for the awesome game.


Login thing looks a bit kool… But, why we need to allow a special feature where a player would be only allowed to join the same alliance after a week/2days after leaving?
To be honest your Commander can simply fix this issue or may be ur commander is Lazy Commander :slight_smile:

& he is my friend so, tell him not to challenge me with laziness… JK

Have a great day & good job in alliance events

When you click on a sector, it shows who has attacked that sector before. Each sector has it’s own log.

Yea you can tell who contributes in patrols, war and bounty pretty easy. Also don’t add anyone to your team during bounty unless it’s Friday because they just want to steal rewards then leave.

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