Command Screan

Hey guys,

  So I have an idea that would be absolutely amazing if it could actually be a thing. 

So I am the Commander of the Donut Block alliance. And I knooooow we can look and see who’s participating in patrols, bounties, and alliance war.

But my idea is that the officers, XO, and Commander should have a command screan where we see all the participation records on one screan.

I know that some alliances are private and everyone knows everyone in there alliance, so this idea would be more for an open alliance.

When we click on alliance if there was a command button on the right side where the others are, that showed us everyone’s participation and who’s leading in overall participation it would make filtering out the people who dont do anything and leach off the recourse easier to find reprimand or kick.

So a screen that has patrol, bounty, alliance war, and alliance events, and even maybe the pvp events.

If this was ever a thing, it would be extremely resourceful and rather than checking on everything in different spots of the game, it could all be in one command screan for the officers and so on.

Can we please make this real life! Lol

Let me here feedback, or more ideas about this!

Thanks for reading guys :slight_smile:


Feel like that would be too much info to collect and display for the past 4 years.

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It wouldn’t be for 4 years? It would be that week.

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That would be nice actually but there is already enough ways to do this but I see where you are coming from.

Sometimes I think people keep wanting more and more things added while some things already here needs some work to run smoother…

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Yeah, I know we have it. But we have to go to separate screens to check different activity.

It would be nice to have it all on one section of the game.

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If they were able to do this…remeber it would take bandwith and computing power. And ppl,all ready complain about that as is…this would on,y make that worse esp when there is other ways to tell what u want to know

Not if they take the other ways we know and put them on 1 screen.