Alliance Membership Status/Role

Alliance Membership is an important label as an Alliance grows, there should be more statuses for membership roles / Titles with a description of what they are able to do whithin Alliance. Please help with providing more examples!
Additional Titles: Enlistments- like recruiting able to Invite others, promote to same status but not demote only able to kick members under there title, … Private they are able to send invite and accept. Closed same…
Another rank before enlisting…could just be member they are able to promote new members to members …
New member: none

This will keep players interested in staying within Alliances and build trustworthy teammates.

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It will also show more appreciation for the effort they put in, promoting everyone to an officer feels kinda stupid and useless, but giving them a better title would be really nice

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Yes it seems to be a large factor in Alliance resulting in loosing good players because they feel
unnoticed even when you send pm out letting members know they are doing great.

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