New roles idea

Co, Xo, Xo, Head Officer, Alliance War Officer, Officer, Member.

Well CO runs alliance. Two Xo’s would have same power but makes it so CO has like two right hand men. Head officer would assist xo and co with officers dramma lol. And alliance wars officer pretty much makes its so we all know who to talk to about treaties and what not. The roles are more so if people looking in know who’s in charge. Cause with war now a days everyone’s Officer so they can replace others hero’s with better ones


I like that idea alot, its very common now to have the entire alliance officers for defensive purposes, only certain people should be able to lay markers out though, and gives a better understanding of who is in charge. Doesnt have to be just like this but i agree, there should be more ranks


I’m glad this was mentioned. It can be an issue to promote everyone to officer sometimes, but for war reasons it’s necessary. I’d like to see something like this implemented. :slight_smile:


Great idea to have a title for War Commander or something similar. You really need someone to call the shots in each war.

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I wouldn’t mind seeing an entire military rank structure (I prefer Marine Corps). But, there’s only 25 players in an alliance so not really practical. However, I could not agree more that there is a need for an expanded rank structure over what is currently available. Perhaps Private, Corporal, Sergeant, Lieutenant (the first officer rank), Major (war liaison and planning / alternate XO), Colonel (XO), General (Alliance Head). Whether or not the permissions to certain functions in AW change or not, it would certainly give the alliance leaders a better way to recognize member achievement and / or lack thereof.

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I find myself wishing for this very thing. I think commander, XO ,officer and member are a bit simple. At the very least id like to see a status in between officer and XO. Something like this.
3-Captain ( or any other tittle )

I think this will give more value to the structure of the alliance. If i had it my way, you would give us the option of creating indevidual status names. This way not every alliance is a carban copy. Lol


yes sir, at the least. I still think going from basic member to officer is a big jump and would like to see more grades at the lower level before Officer is awarded. I’m looking for a rewards system in a game where I can’t give tangible rewards, or even virtual rewards. Just want something like "hey, you just joined and are a new MEMBER, and then "hey, nice job these last two weeks improving your roster and hitting a billion or so in bounty, you are promoted to CORPORAL (or something like that), and then "hey, nice job this last month with steady, consistent progress and loyalty and event participation, you are promoted to SERGEANT. Then, maybe we reach "hey, great season of AW, two bounties, maybe you recruited a good player or two, helped new players with coop trades, gave excellent PVP team suggestions for events, etc., you are promoted to Officer and then so on and so forth.

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That would be an amazing take to game know who’s in charge of what an have a few diff ones to reach out to for things