Alliance Role Explanations?

Can someone explain what permissions and abilities each different role in an Alliance gives a person? XO, Officer, and any others I don’t know about…
For each game mode if it’s different in different ones, but also with regards to who can invite/kick/promote members and all that?

Basically I have no idea on any of it and I can’t find any in-game explanation.
Makes it hard to know who to promote!

Officer xo and lead can kick promote or demote

Thanks. Was wondering if there’s any more detailed info?
Like, can officers kick/promote/demote the xo or leader? Do officers get to promote people to xo/leader?
Does the xo get to kick/promote/demote the leader/officers?
And who can make the alliance join Alliance Wars, is it just the leader? Same question for issuing orders during a war…


  • Accept/Reject alliance join requests
  • Kick members from alliance
  • Access to “Officers” chat channel
  • Set message-of-the-day
  • Promote members to officer (can NOT demote officers to member)
  • Remove squads from AW zones
  • Set/remove AW markers

Executive Officer (XO)

  • All of the above permissions
  • Edit alliance settings (level requirement, emblem, description, etc)
  • Demote officers to member
  • Join AW (Maybe officers can do this too, I’m not sure tbh)


  • All of the above permissions
  • Promote officer to XO
  • Demote XO to officer
  • “Relinquish Command” (Swaps XO and Commader)