Alliance PvP events?

I believe once upon a time there used to be alliance PVP events where the rank of the alliance actually had a reward attached to it. It also looks like once upon a time that there was a complaint about alliance members facing each other in PVP doing these events. I don’t really see that as a problem, because everyone would have this same possibility of facing fellow alliance members. Was that the only reason that these events were discontinued? Or was that even the reason?


Numerous players including myself have been asking for Alliance PvP rewards since it is an event!

Several of the Devs have said they believe PvP is the main events of HH; so why not make alliance rewards?

We all get why Brawl events is solo, but the other ones should be Alliance. HH would definitely see a lot more participation and fight if there were better rewards and Alliance Rewards.

No idea why they have not done this by now?

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We’ve gone over this before in a couple of topics.

tl;dr: PvP is player versus player, not alliance versus alliance, and turning it into an alliance event creates conflicts of interest and potential for exploits that we won’t get into the specifics of, but are real concerns. So for the foreseeable future, it’s not something you’re likely to see.


Can’t agree(oof,these 20 words)


Understood. Thank you

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