Pvp event rewards, Great job!

I know I wasn’t the only one to suggest increased stamina rewards and more brackets but you guys did a great job with this current event (baron/nightingale). I think its much more rewarding then it used to be.

Any chance we can get alliance based rewards as well to incentivize everyone doing pvp?


I believe the next update includes what you are asking for :slight_smile:check the video in YouTube

Here is the link

@Kyrzel Alliance Points (Alliance gems) won’t be given away in PvP initially. Maybe in the future for Alliance-focused PvP events. We’re trying to find a good middle ground between giving an incentive for entire Alliances to play PvP without burning out our most active players.


Maybe limit pvp to 80 matches a day or something. With so many pvp events, playing 2-3 hours every event trying to move up in ranks is not a joke

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