PvP Alliance Rewards

Many alliance members love to play PvP. Is there a way we can introduce alliance PvP rewards. At the moment there is no such element to this part of the game. I think it will prompt more activity and serve as a rewarding feature for the alliance as a whole and an individual member. Maybe call it an alliance PvP blitz? The rewards could be gold, hero frags, MK5, MK6 frags, cash, stamina. These rewards are vital to alliances growing stronger.


I would love to see this in the game, for I am always out of cash and energy


Pvp is the only format that is stand alone. Everything else is a group effort. I like it the way it is. We all come together day in and day out in other formats. Its nice to have a stand alone format and pvp has always offered that. No pressure from the alliance and you benefit from your own efforts.


I honestly agree, we have some pvp maniacs our there that would like to get paid for their work

I’ve gone into this before in VIP Chat, but having Alliance awards for a solo game mode goes counter to the spirit of the mode and raises many issues, from potential exploits to matchmaking concerns. I won’t get into depth, mostly because I don’t have the time to argue, but as always, there’s a reason for everything.

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I agree with the stand alone portion of the event. Individual effort should definitely be rewarded. My thought was, if alliance rewards were incorporated in event, maybe it would be an incentive for more alliance members to play pvp. And I think the pressure comes from the CO down to it’s members. Pressure is only applied if it is stated.

not here to argue, just stating a suggestion. I wasn’t aware of it being brought up before.

They use to have an event that was PVP based and rewards went to all members. They weren’t big rewards, but similar to the fragment alliance events we still have. Not sure why they were gotten rid of.

Read up! I alluded to the reason.

PvP is supposed to be your own milestone. To have an alliance based rewards defeats that purpose, especially if not all participate. So basically it would be a freebie while others do the work.

Much like group projects in high school

Agreed, takes a bit of the fun out of alliances tbh. We need more to the game rather than a hero every month in my opinion


Considering the monthly heroes come with rare and common skins, plus a bunch of events for their faction, do we really need more on a monthly basis? We just got ruby grade, extreme mode, common skins for everyone, and level 100. I personally feel they are good for a while as far as new content is concerned, but that’s just me.


The only way to possibly maybe teeny bit do this is have 2 alliance members face together 3x3 against 3x3. Like a mix of a co- op with pvp. That way it includes an alliance member with you so it be an alliance kind of worthy reward kind of event.

Agreed. Getting two heroes every month, normal and gilded, is too much. For us players and the devs. We’re gonna reach a thousand heroes next year lmao. I’d wanna see a new gamemode instead and maybe only one new hero every couple months. Working from home is already stressful enough for them anyway. Even doing more hero collaborations would be cool

Or new pvp and bounty maps. Way too long since they added one

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That could be said about any of the group rewards though. Bounties regularly have people anywhere from a few billion to several billion apart in an Alliance. Same with Alliance War where you have people who get on whenever and do an attack, vs the people coordinating everything, making plans, truces, etc. I will say I agree though, having PVP be strictly a solo event is fine imo. My only point was they USE to have a small group reward similar to fragment events.

I couldn’t agree more and have been saying this for several months. Problem is these things don’t have an immediate return like new heroes. They are more of a long term invrestment for the devs that would keep players playing longer, rather than burn out playing the same few maps and modes over and over.

Most other games I have played usually cycle in new PVP maps every six months or so. Not sure why HH hasn’t done anything here. New PVP maps, co-op raids, Gauntlet levels, etc. would be a breath of fresh air.

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I only play PvP for my dailies & because it’s boring. The rewards aren’t worth spending all that time staying in top 50/100. If we got rewards for top guilds, maybe I would put in some effort.

As far as stand alone pvp goes, yea I’m all in. I like the way it is I like the competitive nature of pvp, we have a great game here that actually has live pvp battles, However, if You, the Dev’s, would even consider this…maybe instead of having an “alliance pvp blitz,” monthly, maybe there could be a consideration for having one quarterly?

Pvp is great as it is and out of alliance pressure to do well for the whole alliance. There is days that you can’t play and you may do just small margin of pvp points. One game mode should be personal. Not everything just alliance based.

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Feedback passed, thanks

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