Alliance war rewards

Ok so it was said that better hero frags and rewards was gonna be apart of this update. My question is PvP was taken care of pretty fast but alliance war rewards are still crappy just like last season why???

Rewards are not that different from last season, could you explain what you think is bad about them and potentially give examples of some improvements?

Well it was in the update notes we was supposed to get better rewards like more frags etc for the season… im sorry 15 hideo frags isn’t good for a month of playing wars

Edit: But Wait, There’s More!

We’re also going to be increasing the reward value for Season 3! Players should see higher reward payouts at each rank.

We’ll also be adjusting the cost of Scouting, as certain Improvements make Scouting a game-changing feature. To keep it powerful, the cost of Scouting will increase.

Proximity Bonuses have increased as well! Enjoy increased defense bonuses when near your HQ!

Please have a look at the alliance war season rewards for an updated loot table. There are more then 10/15 gold and silver crates available in addition to your hideo frags and 1k+ energy.

Hope this is satisfactory!

My biggest thing is frag rewards we got a whole lot more in season 1 now season 2 and 3 is trash i dont do PvP so i d9nt care bout that wars was gonna be my big thing but seeing now the rewards are not worth the effort it requires im so close to the edge with it all its not going good

Silver crates aint worth my time and all the gold crates ive opend is trash and not to mention at my power and level everything is just not worth it unless its frags and gems and of course cash lol

Hi as I previously stated could you provide some constructive feedback on what you would like improved? This helps the developers get straight to the point and see what can be change. Season 1 was amaing rewards I will agree with you there but 200+ frags was a bit extreme, same as how the PVP event rewards have been toned down it is an attempt to balance the game. Season 1 was the introduction so the rewards made it enticing, now it is up to you whether you wish to play or not. If you wish to have higher rewards, grow your alliance and reach the 15m+ bracket which will allow you to earn Kurtz frags :slight_smile:

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Yes i understand all that but when you only offer say 8 Kurtz frags for 6th place for all month long and it takes 600 frags for example to unlock him and its the only place you can get his frags its crazy to think it would take years to unlock him… i have been in teams that get his frags by the way its just summer time my kids are out of school and i like to do things with them while i can so i stepped back from the game and not doing 5 billion in bounties and wanted to go straight for alliance rewards cause it would fit my schedule better and now 1st place dont get no frags… take away some of those gold and silver crates offer like hero crate coins or atlease offer say for example for 1st place 100 frags for a hero and 30 frags for another hero alliance gems cash and some plat gear so on and so forth i mean 10 frags aint nothing if you sit back and think about it

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Alliance war is a game about cooperation and teamwork, it requires organisation to get the top reward. As you said you’re not playing the game much due to time with your family and I respect that but I don’t understand your point of view of not wanting to put in the work and get the good rewards? Hero crate coins are apart of the reward as well, my friend.

Ok well i see nothing will be done about my grioe cause im not a pvp person that cries all the time you get up to 150 frags for 2 heros to play pvp so thats 300 frags total there and only 10 frags for 1 hero for a month of playing so yea theres a bigger problem… you get multiple pvp tournaments before the wars end so theres my point pvp people get better rewards and all i ever see them do is cry about nerf this buff that blah blah blah all im asking for is more frags in alliance rewards thats all

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And also just a fyi hero crates coins are not in my level neither so i wo t have a chance to see those neither

Spamming your own forum post will not benefit you, secondly please use the reply button when replying to someone so they can see your response.

  1. PVP is a large part of this game, if you wish to igore it then that is your perogative, but you cannot complain about people who play every aspect of the game getting better rewards if you choose to ignore it.

  2. The developers are busy people, HHG is a small company based in canada, they recently had a national holiday. Ignorance won’t help anyone. The developers are stretched thin trying to fix all the probems and complaints, unfortuntly you cannot grab the developers ears and shout your problems into itexpecting a solution. These things take time and there are many things you do not see behind the scenes.

  3. You have still failed to provide any “CONSTRUCTIVE” feedback for the developers, please provide some pointers you would like to improve rather then complain.

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take away some of those gold and silver crates offer like hero crate coins or atlease offer say for example for 1st place 100 frags for a hero and 30 frags for another hero alliance gems cash and some plat gear

Are you not reading what im saying there is CONSTRUCTIVE feed back in what im saying i know how the developers are iv been playing the game long enough i dont need another player telling me on how to do this but thanks for your feedback ober a year of playing i belive ive seen bow things work no harm intended and not trying to be a jerk or nothing

First, english isnt my first language, so i hope you understand what im trying to say. But i think your Google translate is broken. Kingjames providid plenty constructive feedback without sounding complainy. I, who plays every aspect of this game agrees with him.

The effort/time - reward ratio is very low in war compaird to one pvp tournament.

I dont think i have to explain more, Kingjames already did that.
And that is it, as simpel as that.

Th ideas provided are already avialable however, hero crates tokens are already a reward and the complaining was in reference to the developers not heeding any attention and him not playing PVP and complaining about all the rewards being there. 100 frags for winning of who? Would you like 100 Kurtz frags or 100 hideo frags?

Please remember this is the third season of war and look how much it has changed already, the game is developing and changes are happening. You have to remember that changes won’t happen mid-season they will happen inbetween seasons. So the idea of rewards changing has been brought up and will likely be addressed. Thank you for your feedback and ideas, i will pass the informatin along!

Thank you for passing this allong. Me personly would love to se Kurtz fragments in all the brackets and not just the top tier ones. It does not have to be allot, but some is better then none and it gives everyone somthing to work towords. Downscale the amount like it is in pvp per bracket.

Here is just an example:

Kurtz thakes 585 frags.
Devide that by 3 is 195. Lets round that to 200 for easyer math.
Thake half of that, 100 and call it the season reward.
The other 100 you can devide bij 4 and call it the rewards for war1, war2, war3 and war4.

So in this example, the consistant playing alliance can get Kurtz in 3 months.

Why don’t replace Hideo with Brogan.
Since it is almost impossible to find it in the stores would be a nice thing and even better.


Glad to see im not the only one thinking this… Thanks for speaking up with me guys… ive complained about this last season to and there was supposed to be better rewards and honestly i dont see the better rewards this time like they said it was gonna be. That is by biggest complaint let us notice the changes not throwing pointless gold and silver creat tokens in there… Blackhammer sums it up the best… rewards for all not just certian brackets should get 7 star heros not heros we can get from a store or hard missions should be heros that are much harder to get like all 7 star heros

And if you read my post correct and not twist my words i dont care about the pvp rewards my complaint is that everytime the pvp sandbagging cry babies say something about pvp it gets fixed fast there is other game modes in the game other than PvP which means all aspects of the game should get the same attention not all players like PvP because of the matchmaking and the sandbagging thats going on i like wars and bounties so thats what i play thats my right as i spend alot of money on the game so i should have a voice to