Frag events - MIA

Seems like frag based events are far and few in between. Has this been discontinued or has something else replaced it altogether? I’m more curious than anything else to see what the mindset of the development team is at with regards to this.

You didn’t see the one going on right now?

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There isn’t even an event going on -_-

There is a solo raid event going on right now. The reward is Mauler fragments. Also a PVP event for Mauler and Kaishi fragments.

I think he means regular frag events not solo coop ones. Like apply frags to hero’s and get gear and cash

Ahhhhh. I see. Then yes that has been since May. We didn’t have one in June as well.

there was a Hero Fragment Blitz on June14th.

There looks like there will be one soon too. keep an eye on the upcoming events.


There normally 2 frag events one solo which to be honest need work as reward not worth it for most games.
Then there normally an alliance frag event that was missing last month and I posted question why it was missing?

Do we really want the calendar to be the same every month? Wouldnt that get stale? Personally i like this months schedule. Its absolutely JAM-PACKED with pvp goodness.
Which also happens to be the best way to farm frags and, in turn, heronium. (assuming youve played it that way)

I just farmed 10k pvp gems in half a day.
Chin up :wink: :peace:


Whilst this is true running 2 PVP tourney events at the same time is a bit much, however counter argument to myself is you only have to play 1 match to qualify now making the events much easier to play a few games of and hold a decent ranking.

It not really an event thou it get frags earn point you get it whilst opening chest, doing hard missions, pvping and using those stored frags.
Reward normal cash etc that alot of player need.
Similar to the get part quests not a calendar event just an added extra

Just do you gauntlets it gives 1.5m a day, it’s the only real source of cash really however there was an event rewarding large amounts of cash like 200-300k per tier not that long ago. I remember getting a nice sum of cash.

With growing cost of hero skill :wink: but cash not only thing you got was worth doing alliance frag event

Be smart with your cash and only use it to grow characters to help you in AW or PvP, depending on what you fancy. For example, I put all my cash into Ronin and being that I’m VIP 0, I won’t have the resource to grow the other character as fast. This leads to me Min-Maxing with Ronin and winning more games in PvP.


VIP 12 I’ve maxed all skill but like you many gamers dont have cash and end up finding other means and the is atm destroying pvp well no fun always Ronin ronin teams.