Alliance wars Season rewards

I’ve been looking so forward to alliance war starting again. I look to see what the rewards are for the season. I end up getting disappointed. Last season we received a lot of Briar fragments. I was expecting to see approximately the same but with siren. Now you get a portrait. I don’t know about most people but I could care less about the portraits. Many of them I can’t even distinguish the colors because the pictures are so small anyways. And to tell the truth I could care less. You play alliance wars for four weeks and that’s all we’re going to get? I sure hope that this is a mistake.


Thank you for your feedback regarding the Alliance Wars Season Rewards. I’ll pass it along to the team. Season 1 Rewards also included a portrait. This Season we’ve added the new Crate Tokens to the rewards which grant you free openings of our Hero, Gold, and Silver Crates. There will continue to be frequent changes to Alliance Wars over the next few Seasons as we are always looking for ways to improve the experience for players.


I saw the coins. I just forgot to mention them. But they really don’t replace the amount of fragments we are not losing.

I’m not ranting and raving. I’m not throwing a fit. I’m just expressing my displeasure. I do appreciate you getting back to me in such a timely fashion. It is nice to see a game where the dev’s are involved with the community. I may not like what you have to say all the time, but at least you say something.


We appreciate you letting us know how you feel! We can’t always act on feedback directly, but we do accept it, and factor it into future decisions. Thanks!


I do agree very low frags for 4 wars its low as the tier we are in we only get 15 hideo frags im 900k total power and 15 hero frags is low


Yea nowhere near what they were last war and who really wants to grind war for silver tokens?

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I did expect nerf in rewards. Alliance Wars felt worth investing every ounce of enegry and I felt Season 1 was pretty successful since I feel every alliance participated to their best.

I didn’t expect nerf to be huge on lines of fragments awarded. By rate of how many frags given in plat crate, for a season that fragment count should be above 150. I also expected Siren frags (least 100) which could have been nice touch - giving away frags of previous boosted faction new character so it prevails. It definitely won’t shift meta but players would least try those characters and make PvP more interesting.

Rewards should be such to consider of how long that alliance wars season usually is, a month long event giving away 250 frags in total is still around 60frag a week - rewarding to work on.

I would say silver crate won’t interest players. Even if it had been plat crate giving away 3-4 gears, it still isn’t reward.

I would also add portrait need work for War - I appreciated that circular ones were for PvP, squares for Mastery, bordered squares for Min simulator and hexagon ones for Bounty. I think it would be good if you changed shape for war to heptagon or something which sparates them. It would feel better to see different shapes. Hexagon doesn’t really look as good and our portrait collections look clutterd with hexagon ones.

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I did bring it up in our “WAR” chat and suggest we don’t need to hit each other too hard.”:smile:

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The rewards are definetly much worse this season. Only 3% will get a hero token, which is usually a 3* hero (60 frags). Others will get a few gold crate tokens which, at most, is 40 hero frags, but usually crappy silver equipment.

The other rewards (cash, sta, Alliance Gems) are still great, just wish the hero fragments would have stayed better too.

Rewards for second season is pretty puny. You got this golden boxes is free during one day. And collect gold for hero box during ten days. Season of war continue whole mounth. It’s SUPER NOT EFFECTIVE, lol. For high tier alliances all this crates is garbage. All peoples who I know spend gold or for Special Event crate, or x10 opening, or buy energy and farm MK V – MK VI cores. Gold equivalent look more decent. 1 hero and 3 gold crates it’s 600 gold. Everyone like gold. :slight_smile:

Now we have only Kurtz fragments, energy and plat equipments like a decent goodies. And this pretty dissapointment. Bunch of Briar fragments was main juice for active war actions before.

As for avatars – how about make only exclusive border for any other avatars which players already have? All of us like various heroes. Many boys never make female avatars is active. Phoenix even not beauty girl. And if I may pump-up my favourite avatar this more viable for me than got another useless picture. Or make analog of Devastation avatars.

Last season rewards for reference…

Current Season rewards…

Hopefully this is a bug and if it is to be fixed ASAP as I don’t think personally would be as it is. So another alliance comes to our base and they attack with not a high team but they are getting the bonus power of the home base. I was thinking because is our base only us would benefit the bonus power. Or am I mistaken?


Specially you get the bonus power of your base on defence and not on attack. Means once they add their highest teams around our base we can’t never get it back as no bonus power on attacking. But seems they get bonus power on defensive teams even on our base. Weird.


Omg, that is crazy…blitz someone’s base and just plant yourself.

@Architech - I love what you guys have been doing with AW and I know that honing in rewards can be tricky. That being said… Seeing gold crate tokens in the reward structure is frankly insulting. I’m not sure if this is a symptom of being out-of-touch with the game itself or something else…

I honestly don’t even know what to say lol, it’s a hilariously bad reward choice. And then you get an extra one for finishing rank 1, as if it’s something valuable :joy: I can’t help but laugh, I mean come on haha NOBODY cares about the gold crate - something whose entire existence has only been to serve as a predatory way to encourage inefficient spending from new & ignorant players.

Now don’t get me wrong - I LOVE alliance war; and I’ve made a detailed post stating that. But when I saw that reward, I actually laughed out loud. If you guys (meaning the devs) think that this is a valuable reward, you need to REALLY take a hard look at how involved in the game you guys are. There have been plenty of times in the past that have demonstrated a fundamental lack of game-experience, but this goes so far beyond being out-of-touch that I have a hard time comprehending it.


Very well said @Papa_Marsh. Rewards certainly went downhill real quick. War is interesting concept but need to be backed up by better rewards to keep players motivated for 4 week long season.

I personally would have been Ok if it were class A and B tokens instead hero or gold crate.


100% agreed with Papa_Marsh. Devs are asking for a month long commitment, so the rewards should reflect that.


Great change of AW, now one hero can occupy only one place. Need to be more careful to weight the consequence of invasion and its effect to defense.
It is more realistic and sophisticated, it requires even more attention cuz making a move doubling the effect on the map comparing to the previous season.
Also means AW demands more time and attention now.

But sadly, Not only the the rewards isn’t catch up with the change but in fact going to the opposite direction.
Hope that Dev takes this into consideration too.


And sadly to say but how can you do a game mode where you need to chat to players of your alliance but the pm chat is broken. Ridiculous with how many problems this game is having. Angry and my subscription is been cancelled just now.

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So @Muninn. What’s happening with the pm chat so far. Is down and can’t contact players in game. What’s going on. Are we getting any answers? So far personally I haven’t got one. I would like to play this game without a bug.