Alliance war season breaks

Might make a lot of people mad but I’d say consider giving at least 2 weeks in between seasons for alliance war. The season runs the whole month with I think 2-3 days between wars can’t remember. Alliance war takes a lot of time to put into game if your alliance is playing competitively and throw in bounty events during the season as well. A lot of people don’t have that kind of time to put in constantly. I know a lot of people get burned out because no one wants to have to log into game constantly to keep up with war. I think 2 weeks at least would give people time to recharge and it would help for people to not lose interest in the game.


I agree way too close together should be a decent break between seasons. Extremely time consuming


Even more of an unpopular opinion, increase the rewards 3x and have 4 seasons a year that last a month rather then 20 days. 4 seasons a year with 5/6 wars would be better then being on season 8 by december.

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