Some minor changes in war and Bounty

So guys , this is for some mine changes in war and Bounty. I dont have any SS for that as all will know about that. So what I want to say is that There should be a day time gap between war start and Bounty. Also when Bounty ends and new war starts. So that people who need to change alliances can do. Hope everyone will reply.


That is a very good idea.


I disagree. How does that work? War ends on Friday, Bounty starts on Saturday? and runs till Tuesday? But another War started on Monday so now it’s war and Bounty at the same time for a day? Now mix in the PVP events, holiday events, …………the schedule is what it is for a reason, and that reason is to get the maximum events and activities in the narrowest timeframe possible. Some people wanting to switch alliances between war and bounty, or whatever, I don’t see that as a great need. But, there is already a time for doing so and that time is after the last bounty for the month and before the 1st war after an update. Perfect time to change alliances.

@Darrell_Goodrich I dont think so that PVP is affected with war , Only one day can be shifted between Bounty and war so that players can change their allies if they want . As both war and Bounty are alliance events so it makes sense to shift them , pvp is more solo event rather than alliance one.

@R15HAV I agree, there’s not only no time to swap alliances, but it’s also a lot of work honestly. Especially if ur a commander or XO. Not having a somewhat larger break until the season ends kinda sucks. Some people say bounty is a break from war, but bounty is even more time consuming than war. Just having a day to take a break between wars would be nice.

@Darrell_Goodrich I disagree. I like how bounty is on the weekend every two weeks, it’s time consuming like I said before, but it’s not nearly as often. War and PvP on the other hand is a little too much. On bounty weekends, it’s a few days of war then bounty right after that then a new war right after that. And there is also a PvP event going on almost all the time. I don’t play PvP very often anymore because of that. People can just play freeplay if there’s not an event going on. That’s just what I think tho.

Last thing is switching after bounty and before war doesn’t exactly work for everyone. If you’re kicked or asked to step down then u have nowhere to go. If u decide to leave then u have to suffer staying there until then :joy:

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Any DEVS please reply , I think it’s a problem that all will suffer

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We read everything and consider all feedback, but we’re not able to provide you promises on what may happen in the future. Thanks!

Lol. I love you, but I don’t think you understood what I said. I like bounty on the weekends too. And war during the week. What I said was if you start messing with the schedule as described by the original post, Bounty and War and other events will overlap in some very bad ways. The schedule is what it is to avoid overlap and maintain the monthly schedule.

As far as switching alliances goes…every month we get a week off from Bounty and War. After the last Bounty we have update week. No war, no bounty. That’s when people should be making voluntary alliance changes. As far as those being kicked or any other reason why they are not in an alliance…alliances have vacancies during the month all the time. I just don’t see any great need to adjust the schedule of events to accommodate alliance staffing changes. Oh, and you don’t HAVE to suffer staying anywhere…….that’s your choice.

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