Alliance war truce warning

Look out for LBSM (lost boys of mayhem). Their leader makes truces during war, immediately bitches if any of your guys step out of line, acts like its no big deal when his guys mess up and break the truce, then lets his alliance do whatever the last day. Garbage truce, dont trust them


I can understand how you feel… but… this is war, all the other colour on the map is enemies.
In war dont trust your enemies… the only ally you can trust is the members of your own alliance.
And betrayal is just part of the game plan or strategy.


Thanks a lot for the warning. Sad to hear that some people have the need to do such Shady things in a game. It has definitely happened to us before so be careful. Reputation is everything in war so always play with honor.

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Thats pretty bad. A alliance that breaks truce in war on the last day? And by the way

Never trust your opponents

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