How to end alliance truces

It would mean, you would have to leave everyone in the war name to be unknown, just show tht teams color and the heroes you have to beat. But keeping the name unknown. You would have to hide the current scores for that war, maybe leaving the teams that are in the correct rank, without showing their score so people cant reach out to them knowingly who they are based on board score. You would have to take out war chat, but who wants to do that, i like war chat. You could leave every players name unknown in war chat even after meeting them on board and make it so u cant go to their profile page. Even with that, you can still ask in war chat the leader of so and so team message me for a truce, so chat would have to go. But if noone knows who theyre playing against and there is no means of communication or knowing who the players are youre against until the end of that war, there would be no ways to make a truce. Just one way to handle that problem if you guys wanted a solution to that. War would be a bit more boring without the war chat though.

I guess theres not alot of top teams, so all they would have to do is message each other to figure it all out anyway. Soo nvm it might not work for everybody

It’s war. War isn’t pretty. Also seems like a bit of a loophole to score the best outcome.

But it’s an option that I haven’t bothered to figure out. Just my 2 cents

Top 5 both seasons the hq bonus is ridiculous if they’re trying to end truces with the hq bonuses leaving nowhere else to attack but the middle. There’s got to be an alternative, awful like this or add a strong enough buff to reduce the hq bonus

Unfortunately there is no real way to prevent truces without complete anonymity which would ruin the fun of the game, even making truces an aspect of the game wouldn’t stop truces being word-of-mouth. It’s an unfortunate but necessary part of the game now.

I do not know if we are taking into account that truces are also an essential part of the war, even makes it more fun in the game.


Why completely change some5hung that was good Developers please bring beta war ideas back its was nice for alliances to fight harder protecting their HQ that was fun now Alliance war honestly is no fun anymore with these boosts…definitely AW is not worth the time anymore…

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I agree, i was just referring to the defensive bonus boost. That was ridiculous so that people have to fight for the middle. If that was their intention to end truces by doing that, was all i was saying. I dont mind the truces either, but what i had a problem with was the 100 to 250 percent defensive boosts. Looking at the bigger picture, looks like that may have been what they were trying to do, im not sure

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