Alliance wars and Pvp

Would pvp battles in alliance wars possible?

How would this work? There’s no way to ensure that the defender of a zone is online at the same time that an attacker is trying to capture that zone.

AW isn’t meant to involve the actual fight mechanic; it’s meant to be a “birds-eye-view” of a larger scope battle. Adding actual PvP would just add extra work to something that really doesn’t need it. The focus is meant to be something OTHER than actual PvP skills.

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You could face off against a “Ghost” team like in Gauntlet.

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In that case, I’m even more confused :stuck_out_tongue: What’s the benefit? Extra work that’s otherwise completely unnecessary. I LOVE the fact that in war, I can focus on WAR. If I want to play PvP, I go to PvP. But AW should be about AW.

If you were able to actually play you might stand a better chance going up against a more powerful team, because you might know how to play your comp better than the machine learning that is used to calculate who is the winner currently.

I can see benefits on both sides of the fence for sure.

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Exactly!!! Plenty of times there are defending teams that I know I can beat if I can run my heroes. I play this game so I can enjoy playing. I don’t play to just click a button to collect stuff. I like the fact that this game is different from so many others because I can control my toons.

Since there is going to be two sides, why not have both options?

The thing with having playable battles in AW is that it takes away the whole concept of AW, which is a easy chill competiton between alliances that doesn’t involve fulltime commitment. However it pains me whenever my best team can sometimes barely win a battle, when I know it would be beatable with the right team composition and strategy. So, 50/50 kinda for me

@LordNikon @Muninn

what’s happening with calculations of alliance wars. The lowest points we did was 362k and on this one we have done already 387k but still is calculating the lowest of the 362k. Is it gonna be your top3 wars or am I mistaken please?

What’s wrong here? 388+768+641=1797. The math is correct. Perhaps you’re unaware that you can scroll to the left/right in the war score window.

I see now @Papa_Marsh. My apologies. Sorry everyone

I like to get a better understanding on the percentages of successfully taking over sectors in general? I I noticed failing taking sectors with high 90% or high 80%. After my first few failed attacks then switch to heroes that equal to mid 70% and surprisingly take over the sectors. Is taking over a sector have to be a 100% chance or is this just a gamble shot?

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