Replace simulated battles to something similar to Gauntlet

Since the introduction of Alliance Wars I became even more interested in the game but have had trouble understanding what factors go into simulated battles. Obviously, the only factor is power but it should not be the only factor. I can personally attest to beating teams 10K higher during PVP and/or Gauntlet based off team composition, skills and hero elements. Therefore, I’m suggesting that instead of simulated battles when an enemy attempts to capture a zone they have to opportunity to physically play against the team something similar to Gauntlet. I think it would make the battles alot more interesting and the reason I’m suggesting something like Gauntlet is because everyone won’t be online the same time but this will also help understand how team composition works @NyrisWintersteel @muninn @Raz


This is not true.

In the alliance war “info” screen (accessed via the [ i ] button) you will see an explanation. Team comp and element advantage all play a part in addition to total squad power.

Thanks for the suggestion! This is something that’s been brought up many times, and something we’ve considered. Right now, Alliance Wars are meant to be a low-investment way to engage with the game without taking time away from other events. We’ll keep the feedback in mind, though!


I am totally opposed to the proposed change. I was actually hoping gaunlet battles to become like Wars since wars battles are a big time saver.


There are a lot of game modes in game now and I understand the need for some modes to be super quick. However I would prefer an option to simulate or participate in battle, thou at the moment the issue with Min Maxing etc would be an issue in alliance wars or most other modes if players are allowed to run things themselves.

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