Alliance Wars Needs Improvement 2.0

I’ve always been more casual in regards to war, but always found it strange that the HQ upgrades were made so quickly available right off the bat. Perhaps folks are frustrated about how immediately those upgrades go into effect and how often they can screw other alliances over so quickly.

As for truces, the harsh reality is that is that as long as free communication exists between players, there will always be truces. Another thread alluded to this, to which I agree. As Doc wrote, “War is political, war has wins and losses, war is gruesome, war can sometimes be boring, sometimes exciting and take all the creativity and skills you have to survive”.

(P.S. This was one thread I wrote regarding some issues a ways back; I believe the conversation was a healthy one because the post largely just focused on the issues, not potential solutions. In other words, we fought the temptation to talk about our solutions, no matter how logical they appeared to be, we just talked about the problems themselves.)