Alliance Wars - Season 6 War 2 Changes

Thanks to everyone for all their feedback regarding Alliance Wars! We’re continuing to update and tune the event, so we wanted to let you know of a few upcoming updates for the next war starting on Friday, October 11th, 2019:

  • Scouting costs have been doubled
  • Sabotage costs have been doubled
  • Surprise Attack costs have been doubled
  • When a zone is captured, you now receive a flat rate of 25 War Coins, replacing the sliding scale based on defense power.

Please continue to let us know your feedback! And please continue to vote and let us know what you think on War timing in this post: Alliance War Timing: A POLL!

Happy Hunting!


Thank you for listening and taking our feedback!

Scouting is still very cheap in my personal opinion but good to see it’s moving in the right direction, now it needs to double again like 3 more times :stuck_out_tongue:

Yup, going in good direction. Would love to see shield time decreased when capturing sector with surprise attack though. 2h max no matter * of the sector.

At this rate after few wars, we will all run out of resources for sure. Why not limited to how many Scout Sectors/Sabotage/Surprise Attacks per day!


Cheers! War will be slightly easier

I am increasingly discouraged by the war due to the injustices that I have already reported for several times is being ignored sad that my alliance and I have no more grace to participate in many alliances playing with injustices and it is easy to win reach the top without playing fair

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ughhhh… You guys have completely missed the point.

The problem is not that sab/sneak aren’t cost prohibitive enough. This will only make things worse in terms of “alliances that pay more have more access to this stupid gamebreaking mechanic.”

The problem is that AW has devolved into a brainless cycle of sabotage/sneak/sabotage/sneak/sabotage ad infinitum. The fun of AW is gone…


I still think surprise attacks in general are bad for AW. At this point you can surprise attack at the start of day 1 it’s ridiculous.

Sneak Attack now costs twice as many battle points, which you cannot buy.
We are considering further updates to sabotage, but increasing the price was the only thing we could do on short notice :slight_smile:

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Surprise attack is healthy for Wars as some Alliances tend to neglect inner defenses closer to the base and or don’t fill as many defenses or have a good balance. They would try to get as outwards as possible in the map and create a wall of heavy defenses way beyond their base due to them not worrying about surprise attacks or scouting if it were unreasonably costly.

I have to agree with papa marsh honestly. AW has been reduced to a mere stress test for your alliance at this point. Hard to even enjoy these changes in 3 days when bp is still just 20 per day lol. It’s become pretty much a matter of eventuality. You don’t even have time to mount a decent comeback let alone truly engage these updates in war to any affect, the war is over lol.


Sabotage should cost BP, not war coins. As of now, it’s still way too easy to sneak and sabotage.


Shields are too long on surprise attack, decreasing their time will nake surprise attacl less appealing

Couldnt agree with you, if they were limited to few per day i would consider you comment valid, as it is, some alliances only rely on surprise attacks

Hey @ZeroCool, thank you for the clarification!! That distinction makes a huge difference on my feelings toward this quick update. My initial assumption was that only the war coin costs were being doubled so this is great news and a big step in the right direction.

Personally I hate surprise attack on a conceptual level and I think that it’s an anti-strategy crutch. But I think this will help with balancing the decision to use it since there will now be a downside. Thanks again!

Wait, sneak attks cost twice as many battle points??? Or … the cost has doubled in coin?? Plz be clear on this.

Twice bp and war coins i guess

Surprise attacks used to cost the same number of battle points as normal attacks. Now they cost twice as many (2 per hero). They never cost any war coins.

Scouting a sector before a surprise attack does cost war coins, however, and like all scouting, twice as many as before.


Oh man. I miss joining the alliance wars… its been ages, lol. Looking forward to a much exciting and fun war! Good job HH devs!

Yeah but you cant surprise attack without scouting :slight_smile: