Alliance War Season 6 Changes

Welcome to Season 6 of Alliance Wars!

We have lots of changes this Season that incorporate your feedback. Let us know what you think!

“Improve Scouting” Changes!

  • The Bronze Level Intel Improvement (Improve Scouting) now includes both an increased vision range buff and an increased scouting duration buff.

New “Infiltrator” Improvement!

  • Infiltrator allows players to Sabotage scouted Improvement sectors.
  • Once a sector is Sabotaged, it’s Shielded for a period of time. An Improvement that’s Shielded cannot be Sabotaged.

New Marker Types!




  • There will now be Attack, Defense, and Ignore Markers! You’ll be able to toggle between all types when placing them down.
  • Because of this, the maximum number of Markers has been increased to 20.

Reduced Wars For Season 6!

  • Season 6 will now include 3 Wars instead of 4, and the Top 2 Wars will count towards your Season Ranking.
  • EDIT: There will be a week-long break between Seasons.

This is subject to change. Please provide us feedback after Season 6 of what you think of reduced Wars!

Other War Changes:

  • “Sabotage” now costs War Coins, not Battle Points.
  • “Scouting” now costs War Coins, not Gold.
  • There is now the ability to rush Improvement Construction.

Let us know what you think of these changes in the comments!


Nice changes, this should be fun!


Looks like some great improvements. A fan of the new markers for sure! :raised_hands:t3:

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Overall the changes look good. But the reduction in war frequency is sad, loved the easy to earn alliance gems and the weekly shot to unlock krutz(nearly to 300 frags atm)


Decent chances, love that there is 3 wars instead of 4.
Scouting with war coins is good as well, only wish surprise attack was limited a bit.

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Wow, some MAJOR changes here. Initial impressions as follows.

Improved Scouting
These changes make sense. Cheap too for the big benefits.

I don’t like improvements in a general sense and this seems like another one that’s going to shake things up way too much. Improvements should be an augmentation to war, not the main focus. In my opinion, their role and weight have far exceeded what they should be.

New markers
These are going to be incredible. Love the priority indicators for attack/defend and the color difference. The third type will be great to have too and obviously having 20 is a big help. GREAT CHANGE!

Reduced number of wars
I really don’t like this at all. We went from four 6-day wars down to three 4-day wars. The amount of “war time” has literally been cut in half. This change should been reduced war duration OR reduced season duration. Not both.

Wars already feel too short after the last change, and now we have a ridiculously long 10-day break between seasons. The time reduction has been taken too far. As a serious player who is here nearly exclusively for wars, the boredom when wars aren’t going on is terrible. I get removed from the game and barely open the app. And now wars take up only 12 days out of the month? My retirement may draw nearer than I hoped.

Sabatoge now costs war coins
Great change; love this. It was counter-intuitive and counter-productive for it to require BP and this is a good alternative.

Scouting now costs war coins
VERY interesting. I’ll hang my hat with my prior suggestions that improvements as a whole existed only to facilitate gold expenditure via the surprise attack - scouting combination. I love this change, but wow, war coins are going to be a very hot commodity in the coming wars.

Rushing improvement construction
Hate it, but it’s pretty minor so whatever. The resource-flush big spenders always need a shortcut available, so it’s fine. Hopefully this doesn’t cost gold but my hopes aren’t high.


Thanks for all your efforts to keep the gameplay fresh!

Please alternate between war and bounty so they both don’t land on the same week most everyone I’ve talked to share the same sentiment.



Very interesting, I wish scouting would be taken out of AW, specifically the attacking a scouted sector, but the other changes seem ok. I like the week break between AW season, for sure.


Scouting now costs war coins - finally! Scouting should be a quintessential part of the game, but who can be bothered spending gold?!

Sabotage now costs war coins - welp, you tried.
Inb4 endless barrages of P2W infiltration.

And not a single mention about removing this completely unfair, totally-contrary-to-your-own-game-rules sandbagging rule?
I am very concerned about this. I still think We see too many additions and not enough reworks.

That being said - reworking markers - check.
Reworking scouting - check
Reworking what once was a finite commodity into a potentially infinite resource? - (sabotage) Hhrrrmmmmmmmmmmmm.:thinking:
Still hopeful to see a rework to gear crafting, but not until sabotage has been tested. Hopefully its not too cheap, and We dont see 25 sabotages every day.

I also agree with papa about the lengths. Im pretty much pulling my hair out from the boredom of not having a war or a bounty right now, yet being kicked for inactivity is a real concern.
So ive turned my attention to the forums…muahaha…
you have only yourself to blame…:smiling_imp:

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Only thing I see is duration of wat I feel it is basically gonna be over just as fast as it start which is a waste if war coins… I’ll save mine till theres a better median


I noticed there’s an option for each type…

So what’s this for?:thinking: There’s 4 selections but only three types were mentioned.

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I think attacking and defending are “importance” markers (attack these zones first, if you did that, you can attack that zone (s) next, but they are not that important). Ignoring is ignoring and does not need further subdivision into important, unimportant or whatever

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Youre a monster! 100 battle points, send me a message in game so we can pick you up. Bruh, you got the cheat codes.


Wars is the only event worth playing and by lowering the amount of days people will eventually get bored of playing. I can see many players stepping away from this game sooner. Also, scouting will now cost coins instead of gold. Imagine after a surprise attack boost is built. Going to be harder to Defense important sectors from cutting of supply lines


Scouting costs war coins? I’m all for it. :slight_smile:


I’m ecstatic about the reduction in war days and numbers of war per season. War can get taxing for alliance leaders so we all need breaks in between. Having bounty and war running simultaneously is a lot of work as well for alliances that are competitive in all events. I know some alliances choose to prioritize one over the other while others choose to be competitive in both. To each their own but having bounty during the war break would be a happy medium as some people love playing both. Thanks a lot for the changes! Looking forward to the new season!


I don’t think a “rest” period is needed. AW has kept me from leaving this game and was basically my new found love. Ive been grinding harder and harder to level up my hero’s because of AW. I think less rest days would be better and keep us on our toes. Shorten the time between wars and keep them coming!!!


Maybe for you, most of commanders/officers that run the aw for their alliance would disagree.


As the commander of an alliance that has finished rank 2 in two seasons and top 11 in the other three, I have to completely disagree. The only reason I continue playing this game is war.


Lol thats the worst game mode for me, especially after surprise attack was added.