Alliance War Timing: A POLL!

Howdy Hunters!

We’ve recently let you know about upcoming changes to Alliance Wars, which can be found here.

Because we hear lots of conflicting feedback on this mode, we wanted to gauge your feelings towards the schedule of the wars. We present this question to you: When would you like to play Alliance Wars?

  • Weekdays
  • Weekends
  • Both
  • Other (comment below!)

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Please vote and let us know why in the comments! You won’t see changes right away (as we just announced a slew of them), but we consider all feedback when making decisions and want to know your opinions. Thanks so much for everyone’s votes!


Start Sunday and run through till Tuesday and end when pvp starts. That way your not thinking about AW on a Friday or Saturday and can enjoy your weekend.


Would love not to have war during bounty but Uz’s plan works too.


I’m VERY happy to see this being asked @Skathi, thank you guys for taking this into consideration. The fact that AW is almost entirely during the weekend has almost completely ruined it for me.


Not during bounty! Both events together is too much.

Alternate weekends to bounty. I’m ok fri to mon

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Sun thru Tues. Alternate with bounty. 2 wars a month that last 48 hours.

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Yep not during bounty

Agree with uzzie. But the way is now starting exact time with bounty is a big no. That should change for sure

Start the wars on mondays, after bounty normally ends. Bountys eat up a ton of time to also be coordinating a war. Pvp events along side war would be eaiser then bounty and war. A 3 days war weekly with 2/4 or 3/5 counting for season final standings to give more openings for breaks

War/pvp together not bounty/pvp together.

I would be very happy if there were only 2 Alliance War events per month, which would always be between the Bounty Weeks. Of course we want the rewards and that makes it hard to remove the worst result. But that doesn’t prevent you from changing the event. The rewards would have to be adjusted so that KURTZ is also available up to rank 6. Then there would have to be more Frags.

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Never ever during bounty. It’s the worst possible timing for an alliance that wants to focus solely on getting the best rank in bounty and hitting all of the milestone rewards. No one wants to discuss AW strategy or work on truces with other alliances during bounty. That crap takes up time and energy if you want to do it right. No other event should be running at the same time as bounty.

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Alternate week with bounty will be okay, and please shorten the duration…

But, since the war getting less in a month, you guys can consider to increase the rewards… Maybe all Kurtz frags in every rewards level for every rank… Higher rank still get more frags, tho…

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i think it should start on thursday and end on sunday because a lot of us have work and school and having that last free day to use up the last bp people have won’t be as much of a struggle trying to find time before war ends. It would be nice if it ended on the same day that patrols do too.

Would like it to end the same day & time as patrols & bounties.