Mark 5 frags

When will mark 5 frags be buyable in alliance or heroism store? The drop rate on the only mission to have them is very low and its extreamly hard to farm them. Even 2 or 3 days a month the frags rotating into these stores will help players max their heros to platitum 5 bar instead of having to spend 10k engery or more in Hope’s of getting the frags needed.


I think it’s Core MK 5 frags and Heronium store

Theyre suppose to be hard to get. You have to sacrifice some of them hard missions to work on making heroes plat 5 i like how it is now and i dont have any to plat 5 yet. Maybe m 1st place in war rewards or tier 1 in bounty but the fact that its hard to get 157 is what makes it so special about having plat 5s. Remember, if they become easy to get mk vs then everybody would have plat 5s. I like that its hard and you have to sacrifice energy to make it happen


They can only be found in a normal mission. No hard mission has then. And how would playing 9 in the alliance store(3 sets of 3) make it where everyone has them? I have 3 plat 5 heros. I once used 1k engery on just farming there frags(100 trys) and got 2 frags. So would take 75k-90k engery at that rate of drop. This makes it nearly impossible for free to play or low spenders to have any shot at top power teams in AW giving a major advantage to pay to win

I get it, as far as alliance wars go were pretty successful and not really pay to win. Top 5 2 seasons and working on the 3rd. If youre getting matched against teams that all have plat 5s then youre already beyond the free play bracketing. You have a Very valid point though, so i cant argue that. Im using gold on energy and skipping the crates as of right now to make it happen. I just prefer that theyre hard to get, just my opinion, many wont like that though