AllianzWar vs. hardly recognizable command structures

Feedback to HotHead and ask for solutions.

In order to be able to edit / clear zones in Alliance War-Sectors where other members have placed their team you must be at least an officer. Therefore many commanders have appointed every member as an officer, because otherwise it would be too complicated and a disadvantage.
But because of this there is no recognizable command structure below the deputy. From outside and also inside the command structure is often unclear. In addition, the officer chat is read by everyone, which is not always what you want.

It would be very good if the permission to edit a zone was not linked to the command structure, but could be assigned per member by the commander and/or deputy especially for Alliance war.


If I remember correctly this request was made several times to HH, but there was no opening in this regard

We have a topic that covers the best way to give feedback. Focusing on feeling and symptom rather than proposed solutions is best. Thanks for your feedback.


I’m a little rattled now.:woozy_face: Does this mean… “yes. …it’s good you’ve opened a topic on this” …or not. I’m sorry, but I have to translate and sometimes you’re just not sure - then I ask again.

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