Commanders advice. please help

Hey guys, It’s ReverseExecution from the Donut Block alliance.

I wanted to ask the officers, commanders, XO s;
What do you guys think the point of being an officer is?

What responsibilities should an officer have, vs. The xo and commander?

And how could you enforce those rules to your officers?

!!!AND!!! Is there any better ways to recruit active players besides forum and discord?

Please help with advice. Thank you guys!

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Before I even get started, let me just say that I believe every alliance is run a bit differently, so the answers to these questions may very from person to person. This is just my opinion on all the roles in an alliance, and how things can be ran.

In my opinion, Officers should be the role models in your alliance. They should be there to help make alliance decisions, whether it be setting new minimums, recruiting members, or dealing with other drama that may come your way, they should be there to have your back as Commander. Personally, I loved my last alliance [SZERO], and how the command structure was. The rank of Officer actually meant something there. You had to work for it. We had about 5 officers who talked daily about all alliance matter, discussed members who were underperforming, and what not. Though nowadays most alliances have everyone promoted to Officer, so that everyone can edit defenses in Alliance War. Which I totally understand, the ability to edit defenses is something every player needs when you get higher up in the war brackets.

Now, what are there responsibilities compared to Commander or XO? Well for one, Officers aren’t Commanders, there Officers. Commanders deal with all the drama within the alliance, manages the member roster, and makes sure his/her members are making there minimums (In my case, I command Alliance War as well). The Commander should have the final say in every decision, or every action taken.

The XO should be your Commanders right hand man. Always there to help out in any decisions, and essentially has all of the included roles of the Commander.

In my experience, if you’ve done a good job recruiting, then enforcing shouldn’t be much of a hassle. If your Officers, or Members aren’t meeting your minimums and requirements, then you perhaps give them a warning, or check in on them, and if they still aren’t meeting your minimums, then you make them walk the plank.

Most players do want to meet minimums, as they want to place well, or they want to earn the best rewards possible. Not having to constantly remind people to play can be a nice thing for a Commander. I believe it all comes down to who you recruit into your alliance. If you are constantly getting freeloaders in your alliance, perhaps trying a different form of recruitment.

Global Chat and Vip Chat! Those two are probably your best bets outside of the Forums and Discord. Global Chat won’t get you the immediate response like you may get from Vip Chat, but your message will be able to stay up for a longer period of time, and that gives other potential members the chance of seeing it. If your recruiting in Vip Chat, you may need to be consistently posting your recruitment messages, as they will get lost in the waves of messages being sent. Try not to spam though, as it will likely discourage others from wanting to join you.

You can also try different techniques of recruiting. Some people post that top 5 hero’s, along with a brief description of there alliance, while others list all of there minimums and requirements, while some even list all of there rankings in different events. Really all of these can work. It just depends on who your audience is. You always want to be careful though when you recruiting. You don’t want to just accept anyone with power. Personally, I tend to chat with potential recruits and find out what there capable of, and what there personality is like, so that I can be aware of anything important ahead of time. Something that most alliances do, (or that I’ve seen) is that they have a certain individual to message for recruitment, whether it be the Commander, XO, or an Officer. Finding someone who is good at determining if players are fit for the alliance or not, can be a big help.

Lastly, my final thing to say is, your rankings alone in any event can help you recruit. If a potential recruit sees your alliance finishing top 5 in your war bracket, or top 100 in Bounty, they may want to join you.

And I’ll say it again, but this is just my opinion. Hope this helps a little. :wink:


I really appreciate everything you took the time to explain. Thank you very much.

I agree with absolutely everything, I just needed assurance. I feel like my alliance doesn’t communicate enough, and players just filter in and out. And its frustrating to communicate when people dont respond or read. So I suppose I’ll have to chat with my officers once again. And filter out the people who cant communicate with me or the officers as well.

Thanks again JADO. :slight_smile:


Just adding one more thing… recruit players from pvp leaderboards.

And don’t underestimate this comment by reading my name:)


That’s also a brilliant idea. Thank you!

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