An Idea For A New Type Of PvP/Event: Alliance Tournaments

Hey everybody, this is my first post.

I’ve had this idea in my head for months now. What if whole alliances could go through a matchmaking system? This system would only put forth alliances with the same amount of members though, like one with 25 members against another with 25. Now, some alliances have inactive members, so commanders could bench those members (and maybe be able to give this power to trustworthy officers?) Once they’re pinned together, a member from one alliance battles only 1 member from the other via 5v5 teams, and the winning alliance could be determined by something like, total number of heroes killed from the entire alliance, or the total number of match wins? This could last for 24-48 hours (which should be enough for everyone to play their match), and at the end, there could be milestone rewards for the amount of total match wins, or total # of heroes killed, kinda like with the already existing bounty event. And yeah, that’s pretty much it

I’m sorry if somebody had a similar idea. This one’s kinda flawed, and it’s far from perfect, so feel free to share feedback. Maybe hotheadgames will even implement it into their next update :slight_smile:

HHG is working on AvsA as they call it. We are all waiting for this and welcome battling other Alliances.

This will be a great addition to HH.

Alliance Wars, according to HHG, is infamously “Coming soon…”

Where did you read it that they’re working on it?

No no no no no.


Fix the broken stuff first please.


  • PVP matches take too long and are uninteresting
  • Still no change to the list of viable heroes. Core group of good heroes still remains the same.
  • Endless revives are possible now
  • Too much healing
  • PVP rewards are not commensurate with the time spent
  • Mix-maxers are getting away with murder and prey on low/mid-level players

Coop raids and Solo Raids

  • Enough Gorgon already.
  • We need more canisters from Solo raids, or reduce the reset cost by 25%-33%.


  • No access to Heronium and therefore skins to those without 10 stars; very unfair. Cannot use gold or bucks to buy Heronium.
  • Too many stores and currencies.
  • Black market is ridiculous, why even have it??
  • PVP store: PVP gem income has drastically decreased across the board. If you don’t want to give more PVP gems per victory, consider reducing PVP store reset cost by half, or alternatively increasing available fragment purchases by x2 or x3. Eg 5 Mandrake frags @ 500 PVP gems but available for purchase 3x before reset kicks in. This will be really important for low and mid-level players to not have to spend precious pvp gems to reset the store to buy fragments. Existing high level players won’t have an issue because they are gated by the Heronium store anyway so it is a win-win for EVERYONE.


  • No complaints from me regarding campaign - reducing the requirements for normal mode was a welcome move for many players.
  • Consider the reset limit for Hard Mode for frag farming - why 3 only? It is too little because you cannot make reasonable progress towards 10*. Hence if you are a player that does not PVP much you have absolutely NO alternative pathway for progress in the game. Suggest incremental increase to 5 frags per Hard mission.


  • Bounties have become stale and the effort needed is not commensurate with the rewards.
  • Increase rank rewards throughout the range and especially the top 25 ranking. I mean… 25 more Universal Frags between rank 25 and 26? Respectfully… do you think the players in the top 25 alliances are short of Heronium to buy 25 Universal Frags (5000 Heronium)? They can buy it anytime. Yet, they are spending hours grinding bounties, give them something better please.
  • Consider increasing milestone rewards… really, 16 elemental frags for tier 1 milestone??


  • Good job putting Maven and Flatline as farmable Gauntlet heroes.


  • Increase the number of friends
  • Perma ban VIP chat abusers who incessantly advertise for carries and/or to join their alliances; create a separate solicitation channel for these guys.
  • Fix, one and for all, gold scammers on Global Chat.

Items and Crafting

  • Please look into item drop rates.
  • Reduce Hero XP drops from Campaign or remove it from PVP Crates completely. One or the other. No one needs more Hero XP and if they really do they are available for purchase in 4 out of 5 stores. The only people who might need Hero XP are super high end players and guess what… they are undoubtedly flush with Heronium and can buy Hero XP from that store. Equalises the picture for all.
  • Please reconsider crafting cost. Crafting cost is presently too high for the choke-point items.

Some points are fair, some are not fair. I’m just gonna pick one:
The Heronium Store ain’t so bad. It’s something to reward those who played well or long enough to have a 10* or more. You can still get skins even if you don’t get Heronium Gems yet. Actually I got all my skins from PVP and since I evolved my first 10* I haven’t gotten any skin fragment (or whatever they’re called) since I prefer to buy hero fragments and we haven’t had any brawls or tournaments.
You can also get those skin things from the alliance store daily if you need them. I can’t see how this is broken.

But yeah, Gorgon! Canisters! Drop rates! Collecting frags from Hard mode! Black Market! Better rewards overall <— all those i totally agree on.

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