Getting bored of pvp - how about a new event?

There are now way to many pvp events and it is getting boring. Can we have something new or at least mini bounty brawls to give us a break?


How about 24-48hr solo bounty brawls?

I honestly too would love to have more Solo missions as well, bounties and such, that would not have me relying on other players. And give rewards towards Skins, gear, universal frags.


That’s the problem. Everything is geared towards pvp. All the good rewards are pvp related; gold, heronium, skins, gems to buy frags in quantities more than the 5-15, like you can get in gauntlet. You can tune out most of the pve events and miss nothing. I’d like an alternative to the heal & rezfest arena.


For months we’ve seen the same types of events over and over and over again.
I too would like to see some more never-before-seen, creative solo events.

And Solo events can have leaderboard ranked rewards too y’know?
That does not just have to be alliance events…

Maybe a damage-based event would be cool?
Just something to skew from the constant regularity of the same events that are slowly starting to become tiring.


Don’t forget the Razordome!


There should be a zombie mode. Enemies will just keep coming until you die.


We had already this event on PvP for a week :smiley:

The suggestion in direction maybe good. But frankly, bounty as it is a no lifer and will make the game even grinder as it is. And more will leave

This is a good suggestion. I reads somewhere to have a multiple wave Coop/single with rewards scaling up with each wave clear.

We need a skill centric pvp event - everyone’s character will be placed at 8* platinum, no resets, no VIP level factor haha