New event - pvp royal rumble

The game would select a specific heros to enter the for a match. Then each member would have to choose 1 hero for the match. So it would be five members against five members.

This has been mentioned before, the servers can’t handle it and it would cost too much.

Still a great idea non the less. Lol i would love to play that format. Even 2 heros each would make for a chaotic battle format. Might even bring another original idea to app gaming. Which would bring more new players. New players means more $. Would be a great investment for HH if their willing to put in the time and effort into creating it.


I love to play this! I totally agree on the idea that 2 players can form a team and play together, pvp gems may increase like 20% per match if they win :slight_smile:


I’ve posted something long time ago, not exactly like this but similar, it would be great to see this kinda of gameplay on Hero Hunter’s.

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Don’t give them strange ideas