An idea for a properly fitting skin for Pris

Pris is part of the KLG Black Ops squad. Which according to the description are private units that directly target threats to him. Give that Pris her title is Femme Fatale, and she is an ‘unnasuming’. It would indicate she could likely infiltrate high value targets without raising suspicion and directly approaching in knife range to assure a kill. At least, this would make sense for a figure like her. with these blatant gadgets in her hair, her pistol and very suspicious bag it just seems like she can do none of these. Her style of clothing is also very notable, whereas the likes of a long coat and hat could even hide those gadgets that she currently has. It’d make her blend in more with the crowd.
This art isn’t nearly perfect to what i imagined, partially because it is AI created. And for example the gun on the back is nothing like her suppressed pistol, and she looks more like a western detective rather than a modern one blending in with city crowd. Just imagine those things in.
Now, this is just an idea, she is my favorite hero. But not for the reasons you might think.
Pris was my DPS since i started in beta. She has always been a top hero of mine, who i traditionally always bar and star the highest before any other hero. It is more a sense of honor, and i’d love to see a more proper design, as i clearly do not like her base skin.
If this idea would be considered in a similar way, i recommend either having a skin like this, or giving her a makeover, and keeping the common skin as that is and changing her base.


I take it you liked the results you got from the ai art program I showed ya?

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