Hero Concept : Sunny

This is the link to the document, otherwise i lose a lot of changes if i try it on the forums https://docs.google.com/document/d/11gmGnSOdNIQRD60wUBo2_0cpfnYzbyJNZOKl26MWE8I/edit


Also, if people seem to like this i will make more of them from this game

It says we need access.

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as of now i give it :-1: since you are having us click on a document we dont have access to. it just seems lazy imo. when the proper layout is present, then the opinion might change. since we cant see what the hero does, it stays


Lol i really don’t know why that is happening, im trying to fix it

GIR, it should be fixed now, i learned that my computer makes people ask for acces, should be fixed now

Support this 100%, do Hyde or Lennox next.

Which one would you prefer, both could work in terms of realism in the game

Perhaps heroes that are pulled from other games should be called “Hero Crossover”, and custom heroes should be named “Hero Concept”. I like this character.

Lennox. She’d probably be best friends with panzer.

Lennox is ready, only needs the pictures which ill do in an hour, which one after that? Once i have every category ill start with a new set

Thank you so much, next one i will make the name crossover, good tip :slight_smile:

Be cool to see how Markovs Tesla gun would work in a cover shooter, I’d imagine he’d be super good for Helios.

I have some fun ideas for him already, any first suggestions for other category’s?

I like markovs tesla gun, but the variant is better because wildlife isnt a problem in the game, only the big ones so there is almost no use in zapping multiple targets at once

I’d suggest hank, but torque already fills that niche, rouge Val or wasteland Maggie, maybe crow.

Crow could be a cool one, hank seems fine to me to