New 7* Hero Idea (update)

Hey everyone! Doing this post after seeing @Poobgloob New Hero: Prion

Really cool how he implemented his background in science to come up with his hero concept. So I got inspired and decided to use my graphic design background to revive and repitch my New 7* Hero Idea concept a few months ago.


Gender: Male
Element: Mechanical
Position: Mid-Line
Weapon : Dual Berettas 14/14 rounds (strong recoil in between shots / slow reload)
Faction: KLG formerly UAF
Description: A treacherous nomad. Dismantles any foe with deceitful tactics.

Barrage : Bronze Skill (slow recharge)

-Turncoat empties his remaining bullets on a single target within 3 secs.

Overhaul : Silver Skill

-Locks on a target for 2 secs then reduces the targets elemental armor by xxxx for 12 secs.

Renegade : Gold Skill

-After 4 successful hits on a target, Turncoat changes into the element that the target is weak to. (ex. Turns into energy element after hitting a bio-chem hero 4 times. No effect if the target is either neutral or is already weak to Turncoat’s current element.)

Trigger Happy : Platinum Skill

-When Barrage successfully kills a target, reduce the skills cooldown by 80%

Character Design


Messed around in photoshop and this is what I came up with for Turncoats initial design. His appearance is inpired by a mix of Neo (The Matrix), Winter Soldier (Marvel) and Bane (The Dark Knight version). The overall color of his armor would be dark brown. The glowing elements from his armor and weapons would change accordingly to his current element. I originally wanted to keep his trench coat but that would be too troublesome to execute in-game.

Overall, he is a burst DPS hero that would take some time to wreck shop. What are your thoughts on this?


Hey Shubidouba,

While we’re happy that you’re contributing to the discussion, please avoid duplicate topics of things you’ve already posted. If you’ve posted here, we’ve heard you, even if we don’t reply to every topic! No need to re-post the same content, as it clutters up the board. Thanks!

Looks awesome @Shubidouba! Keep the awesome ideas coming!