An idea for ultimate balance

Idea: Balance
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Pris gets ‘doing damage’
Hideo gets ‘doing damage’
Salvatore gets ‘doing damage’
Xianjui gets ‘doing damage’

Increase all base HP of everything that currently has ‘Tanked up’ by 40%
‘Tanked up’ skill now gives much more armor, but less damage against cover.
General armor scaling doubled.
With an even larger armor scaling on Tanks
Decrease base HP of DPS by 10% (dps concludes everything with doing damage)
All ‘supported’ heroes their ‘supported’ skill will now give 40% damage reduction when hiding behind cover, and additionally, when using a skill they receive 20% back if it was behind cover.
All healing abilities heal 15% more

Synergy system

A DPS is everyone with ‘doing damage’
A tank is everyone with ‘tanked up’
A Supportive hero is everyone with ‘supported’

If you have a:
Tank in your team, everyone receives 30% of their armor, 10% of their HP and takes 5% less damage.
DPS in your team, everyone will do 10% more base and skill damage and 5% evasion chance.

Supportive hero in your team, you will charge skills 10% faster and receive 10% more healing.

What do we achieve with these rather drastic changes? Before hand i should show what the issue is:

DPS massively outscales every other type in the game. It is dominant over every gamemode. Pvp matches are very short because of this. Because DPS is simply just better than having defense right now. But this wasn’t always the case. This on itself is a big issue, because as matches last shorter some heroes are never able to pull off their abilities. Or reach maximum potential.

Francoise being a prime example who needs at least 40 seconds to really reach her potential, matches barely ever last this long because defensive teams are simply shredded too quickly.

Overall, Offense is dominant over defense, and i think it should be equal to let the real play take in. Where it is not just mashing together dps with a powerful buffer. But instead allow people use their strength at least once in a match. unless a straight counter occurs

What do you achieve with this?

Balance, you bring back a large amount of older heroes that deemed underpowered compared to what we currently have. You bring back longer, competitive matches where one option isn’t always the best. With the synergy system you want to build more diverse, allow the creativity to come out. And with all the other changes you simply take more potential out of every hero, if you build a team around defense it will actually last and have a chance. It simply just opens so much more possibility and it makes sense that you will want to be more creative. These changes also makes ruby skills and left out heroes a lot better, they’re not bland, they’re creative, versatile and allow for more experimentation without being too much of a nuisance. In the current game everything gets either something or nothing, rearline skills do nothing, while midline skills change how a hero play/could be played entirely. With this you pass that on, and with the longer lasting matches you can notice these changes.

And overall you do not nerf any character. In fact you allow for creativity to take in such a big role that you may unlock different keys for extreme levels. The standard meta team may not be mandatory in said mission because of the changes. You could have a character be able to change the outcome but they won’t survive until wave 2 as example. But now you may just get that change that allows such things to happen. This change in general will also get a lot of old players back, pvp and other gamemodes won’t be as repetitive, and even veteran players will have new stuff to test out.

If you see this as a developer. Take this seriously, i’m certain it is not perfect. But, from my 1750+ days currently i have a broad insight on the balance. And a clear vision of what lacks. And i myself am certain this would make things a lot better than they currently are. It will make the game less bland and likely bloom more for both new and older players. It doesn’t have to be implemented at once. But you’ll want this to be the end goal. I have formatted it in such a way that i i hope it is not hard to understand for y’all being new


ceebs reading all that lol

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Pris is already over powered the way she is. She doesn’t need a buff.


Genius! I like the idea of a revamp on h to e ruby skills! But for now they aren’t gonna change most likely, I think that the first change they need is for ALL doing dmg to be
“Elemental Damage Per Second” that way all hero’s have balanced dmg, and dmg hero’s don’t get buffs others like bolt don’t, this should be change one,
As always, full of bright ideas Mellow! Keep the great ideas aflowwin’, - Basher

Edit: elemental dmg is balance, for instance any hero with doing dmg that has 6 bar and is completely maxed out deals 100,000 dmg per sec bonus, something like that, but so all dmg heros get an equal share in dmg

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Hey! Just got round to checking this out. Sounds interesting. I already sent it to the game masters for review. Thank you for spending the time!

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Anyday! Hope my feedback/idea’s can help improve aspects that will attract more players. Pvp and creative setups are what keeps most players in the game, since that is what never comes an end to. Releasing 1 hero with a diverse kit opens thousands of possibilites. So if you add another aspect to consider when making setups it opens a bunch more because you’d have more things to consider and render in your setups.
It is one of the main advantages of this game

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