Annoying zoom in/zoom out or is it just me?

I find kind of annoying the zoom in/zoom out with the new “big/tall” heroes. I didn’t notice this with Shank cause I only played with him maybe twice but I tried to give Klayton a chance and I can’t (besides he’s useless) cause his zoom in when aiming after reloading.

This wierd zoom didn’t used to happen with tall old school heroes (Matador, Razorback, Heimlock, etc).

Hero Hunters_2019-12-23-00-46-01_1_1

Hero Hunters_2019-12-23-00-46-34_1_1

Hero Hunters_2019-12-23-00-47-10_1_1


They cover up the entire screen and you can’t flow properly, I just decided to include shank amongst my team and use another hero to lead…
But didn’t know its same with klayton

I just noticced this as well. In regards to size as that other guy replied, it shouldn’t be an issue. The issue is that Klays pov is centered as with Razors its slightly to the right so his character model doesn’t take up the screen. I assume the zoom thing is to prevent this taking up of the screen, but yeah its annoying and should be changed lol

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