Did you guys sneakily add another new Hero?

Just doing my daily run of the Gauntlet, and then I stumble upon this other Hero. I’ve already encountered a Kaishi in Gauntlet stage 4 yesterday, so I wonder if this is a sneaky Christmas gift for us. I blurred the image lest this is something Hothead does not want us to see. Can you guys identify the Hero?

That’s a hero I don’t know, but why do you use a potato to play HH on?

It’s almost impossible to see who you play against

I’m just seeing a big grey sqaure

clicking on the blurred pic will reveal the pic.

Yeah, if I run the game on ultra or even high graphics, I can watch my battery percentage die like the new years countdown. Zoom in as much as you can; I took a closer look at the new Hero and the Hero’s most definitely a guy in a grey shirt. Might look like a grey square to you.

I zoomed in, looks like one of the development team inserted himself.

Oh my goodness, that’s the “You know I had to do it to em” guy!


Here’s the picture for reference

idk, potato quality makes it hard. and we dont have CSI tech, so zooming in wont make things crisper. all we can do is wait or assume its just one of the other heroes.

Woosh. Well, I think Hothead can give us the answer when they come around.

After all, they did do it to ‘em.