Any tips or tricks to beat gold Mandrake?

In PvP I always get wrecked if my opponent bring gold Mandrake with 1 or 2 healer in their team, if I attack Mandrake first, their healer will healing Mandrake at full health with no time, if I attack healer first Mandrake will make him or her invisible, rendering my special attack useless because special attack cannot target invisible enemy, what should I do with this situation? Any tips from the pro player to make newbie player like me better at fighting gold Mandrake? Should Mandrake getting Nerf like he only make 1 or 2 people invisible? I wanna know, thank you.

Well as a long time player my advice might not suit you but here is my take: get your own Mandrake to gold to shield your own heroes (pvp is all about keeping your high damage heroes alive), then get an powerful energy hero that you control during the fight and target Mandrake till you kill him.

If this doesn’t work feel free to hit me up in game (same name as here) as I’m not really active here (finally made an account :joy:)

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Okay, thanks for the help, before update I always underestimate Mandrake, but after March update people more likely to bring Mandrake rather than Savage because that Nerf obviously :thinking: :sweat_smile:

It’s not terribly hard to see heros when they are invisible, especially if they are not being used controlled and don’t move one the mandrake passive activates on them. I’ve found high weapon damage heros work great against him because they are able to out damage the healing and still kill the target while they are invisible. I say high damage because your AI will not target or use abilities on them, it’s usually up to you to focus fire when they are low health.

The “downside” of his passive is the AI aspect, it seems they only target visible heros so if you knock 2-3 to that threshold, it narrows down the targets your AI shoot at, making mandrake their focus. While they focus the mandrake you can focus on the healers that may/maynot be invisible with high weapon damage that counters that heros type.

An example, gammond is a very popular healer and can get really annoying when paired with mandrake if he is left to heal while invisible. Using my dogface, one full clip takes him just below or before mandrakes passive on him (depending on star and rank it varies but that’s usually what I experience at my power level). When I have to reload, I make sure to watch his outline to see if he moves or not…I know I have enough damage with dogface to be able to kill him that next round so I just focus him while he is invisible. That makes the fight almost 5 v 4 as I take the focus away from gammond from my team and allow them to focus everyone else. I continue this with every energy hero on the team(as that type allows me to do more damage to it) and if I’m lucky it will be like a 5v3 with all my heros abilities coming up.

That’s just me and how my teamcomp runs, but it’s the same general idea. Focus high damage on the same target even after they go invisible.


Don’t autoplay and just use your heroes to shoot at the silhouettes

This is basically what I do when I play. I hit whatever energy hero(high dmg first) they have with my Dogface and kill them then I go for the next energy hero or healer. Here is an example

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B-but I don’t have autoplay because I’m not VIP, just regular people play this game, and I’m not from Rich people, sorry :sweat_smile:

hmmm, didnt know autoplay was only a VIP feature… Regardless, all it takes is $1 to become VIP…

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But how about Mandrake controlled by player? He know if he use Mandrake second ability and move right and left constantly he cannot be targeted by special attack, which make me insane and what I should kill first before my entire team get murdered instantly? :sweat_smile::joy:

Hey up @Justice95, find some immense tips on Mandrake from yours truly here:

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Thank you very much! :grin:

mark the hero you want to kill
that way they cant turn invisable

best way is to simply not die

Necro thread.

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You need mandrake Savage
Also sentrys a good counter I find aimed shot
To be well fuk yo poisons lol
Savage can target invis ppl I belive