Invisible anyone?

Hey up - playing PVP and heros who have no right to disappear keep disappearing.

Anyone know how that’s happening - is there a hero out there who can ‘disappear’ his buddies? I need that hero if so…

Thanks for any thoughts! :eyeglasses:

So I’ve wondered about that too. There was no Mandrake in the opponent’s team but Razorback went invisible for about 10 seconds. If anyone can explain, please?

Thanks @Duchess - hadn’t realised Mandrake may have been the culprit, but now I see it’s his gold ability. Will keep an eye if he is about next time it happens to me…odd that it happened to you and he wasn’t.

:skull: spooky


Happened with me, too. No Madrake at opponents team, but they went invisible.

Can’t say I have seen this but I did come across some odd behavior.

Like opponents moving way too fast or guys that get down to literally 1% health and not dying. May have been network latency but was very iffy and has only occurred twice so far.

I noted down names in case It happens again when I face them.


A gold Mandrake is almost always the culprit since he can cloak anyone with low health (which is why you seem him EVERYWHERE in PVP). Other heroes that can turn themselves invisible include:

  • Fischer: gold skill Submerge
  • Sentry: silver skill Cloaking Field
  • Prophet: bronze skill Phantom Shot

Beyond that, I think that when Beck activates Evasion Field she gets a little “hazy” looking. Not invisible, just not fully rendered. I’ve seen this “haze” effect happen to other heroes that it shouldn’t which may you may be confusing with true invisibility - pretty sure that’s just a glitch.

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I’ve also noticed, after having read all this feedback, while playing Mandrake that whilst invisible he may be, he is not totally invisible

You can see a very faint outline and your cross-hairs will turn red if you happen to hover an invisible opponent - it’s really useful to know for the likes of Matador. Let’s face it - he’s an absolute beast and no amount of invisibility is going to cloak his monster frame so when he does get cloaked by Mandrake at low health points, I can normally still easily track him on the screen and finish him off.

Sorry Matador, but you really need to lay off the pies a bit…:pancakes::cheese::meat_on_bone::poultry_leg::cut_of_meat::bacon:

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