Mandrake Silver Invisibility Skill

Is there time limit on how long Mandrake can stay invisible with his silver skill. I came across a guy in the brawl PvP that lost all his guys and decided to run the clock out by turning Mandrake invisible and just keep running around for 2 minutes. To avoid this, any thoughts in 1. putting a time limit on how long invisibility last or 2. Make him gradually lose health when he’s invisible to pressure him to get out of invisibility.

Some of us don’t have a ton of time to PvP, so anything to speed up the game would be greatly appreciated.

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I’ve had it happen before as well. Where I couldn’t hit him because he was running around and it lasted for over a minute support said I must have been mistaken. But i know for sure he was invisible for longer than he usually is

I wish I recorded the battle, but mine was close to 2 minutes of him just running around.

It can be longer…that skill have no time limit, it last until Mandrake use a basic attack dealing an increased damage

I agree with you, you can still see drake’s outline but for whatever reason it also increases the rolling speed on the invisible drake.This leaves the opposing player to spam the left or right and roll the whole match. I think a time limit should suffice for his invisibility skill

Little hard to shoot using Prophet, Baron and Butter. I did get a couple of hit, but damage was min on a 9 star 3 bar Mandrake. I can only control one guy while the other 2 stood there. It would be nice if his invisibility gets interrupted if he gets hit, but that’s currently not the case. Also, like Pnasty says, his speed also increase. Yes, you can see him and I normally don’t have an issue, but I’m hampered by who I can bring into a brawl.

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This use to be a beginner technique for most of the match. People would run him and once he was invisible, would run around and let their team to the rest. Now it is easier to see invisible targets. Also there are more hero’s with Mark to make him visible. Run nightingale or Wesson for the best Marks. They can go invisible all they want. You’ll just mark him so everyone can see him again.


Everyone else has said what I wanted to say, so I’ll just add that Mandrake’s silver REALLY should have a timer. Say, 10–15 seconds.

You forgot Ifrit Showtime skill

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I got killed by just doing it. Lol. I think your shooting can use some improvement. :smile: don’t take it so seriously.

There’s always a way to shoot invisible Mandrake, even on auto mode.

He probably only listed Wesson and Nightingale because 1) those were the ones he happened to think of, and 2) Prophet and those two were the only marker heroes available in the Brawl that recently passed.

I know but I’m just talking generally

No, I forgot about him. Those two were the ones that came to mind at the time. But there are others as well.

Yes, fully aware to combat Drake’s own invisibility as well as Gold skill we can use Night, Wesson or Ifrit. The OP was referring to the recent faction brawl, if your matched with the opposing piloted Drake and he decides to not attack and just rolls, should there be a a time limit or something to disrupt? Lets put a scenario and you dont have those 3 heroes that can make Drake visible and you only have your Drake vs invisible Drake where does the madness end :smile:

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Exactly! I have no issue with his invisibility in a 5 on 5 settings, but when you have a 3-3 brawl with limited options on team building and characters you can use, these issues stand out more.

Put the game in auto and point to where he is on the screen youll see a circle close in on him invisible or not and let ai take care of all the invisible rolling breakdancers