Apology to the Community

Hey guys, long time no chat. I wanted to wish all my fellow veterans a happy veterans day. As a disabled USMC veteran I fully appreciate your service and sacrifice.

In the U.S. we believe in free speech. It is frustrating to see tech companies restrict free speech when many of my friends and ancestors fought and died for these rights. I do live in physical pain and I do realize that fail to communicate effectively and sometimes come off as very harsh. During my suspension, one of the last things Munnin said was I need to earn his trust to re-enter the community and although I have my post permissions restored, I still do not have my in game chat permissions yet. I do not know if they are under review or whatever but based on what transpired they should have been restored before my post permissions since my in game chat suspension was before my discussion board post suspension.

Regardless, as proof that I have reflected on my conduct, I wanted to apologize to all of you that I have previously offended. I do not like hurting feelings and I understand that we live in a softer and gentle society these days. I may have at times felt I was trolled and provoked but that does not justify my reactions and I am taking full ownership of my own personal response to that treatment. Personal accountability is a good thing! Thanks for the reminder!

I hope those of you who have direct access to the developers show support for letting me rejoin and play with my friends again. It is extremely difficult to lead the team when I cant give guidance to my teammates. Sarah is also stressed having to pass messages and none of us want discord, we like things simple in the Ice Dogs.

Finally, I also hope that we will be able to turn a new leaf, learn our lessons from previous injuries we have suffered from each other and move forward to enhance the community and grow the community. God Bless! Semper Fidelis.



A nice message… Have a great day!!!

And I like that you mentioned “We live in a softer & gentle society these days!” I know the simplest term you’re thinking to use but, it’s a nice & precise msg… Best of luck!

& hope old guys who also got the hammer way back in days are also in monitoring list:)
Cuz, some players are really regretting & up for pleading but, they can’t talk about hammer!


Thank you for your serviced Sir!

While we appreciate Greezy’s attempt to make amends, we have a strict policy about ban discussion on the forum, which is found in our rules: Rules and Guidelines - Updated

A reminder to the community: bans are periodically reviewed, but appealing to us won’t help your case. Asking other people to get involved in your ban situation, breaking forum rules by publicly posting about it, and sending DM’s about it may actually hurt your chances, as it shows a lack of respect for established boundaries and a lack of character growth during the ban period.

To avoid getting banned, simply act like a reasonable person. We don’t ban people for speaking their minds. People get removed from the community once they stop respecting boundaries and engage in hate speech, overly aggressive or inappropriate behavior, and anything else that shows a complete disregard for players and the people who make the game. You can be upset about something, but if you’re taking your anger out on other people or repeatedly ignoring moderator requests and decisions when asked to dial it back, then you show us that you’re not willing or able to respect boundaries. Without that, we can’t move forward.

Our goal is to make the community a better place. That means encouraging the people who work tirelessly to make it a better place. We’ve shown that appreciation in the past with programs like Community Clash and the Community Collaborator initiative, and you’ve shown us your support for this community by raising close to $30k for Extra Life. When we get together, we can do great things! And we’re always working on new ways to involve our most engaged players and celebrate them.

Unfortunately, making the community a better place sometimes means removing people who make it harder for the people who play the game and the people who make the game to be their best selves. It sucks, and we hate having to remove players from time to time, but we pride ourselves on promoting a strong community, and will continue to uphold the ideals we’ve set forth. To review them, check out our rules, as they explain in detail what we’re looking for, and what you can expect from us.

As per the forum rules, I’m closing this now. Thanks.