Chat Suspensions


We have received several questions regarding a few aspects of the transition. One of the most asked ones and the one we are addressing this time is the Chat Suspended Accounts.

A lot of such accounts were inherited from HHG and we will not reverse this. It is not a decision we took lightly but hardly any decisions ever are. Some of you will not be happy with this outcome, but as the new publisher, our first thought needs to be towards the overall good of the game.

Thank you for your understanding and support!


I love this. Thanks. No bans should be reverted Imo


This is ridiculous! When a prison gets a new warden, they let all the current prisoners go free. Duh.

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Hello Gunslinger, thank you for the feedback in regards to this, much appreciated.

I can imagine you have all been busy with the transition so any communication is welcomed even if it is to deliver less than favourable news.

IMO the one size approach fits all in this situation just doesn’t seem fair, no one is asking that all chat bans be lifted but merely that they should be reviewed case by case as the question is asked by the player?

We have all seen players banned for good reason, but we have also seen players banned because some of the old devs woke up in a mood and took it out on VIP.

I know this wont probably change your mind, but hopefully in time deca might re visit this and decide to do things slightly different than its predecessor.

After all as the old saying goes, everyone deserves a 2nd chance.


I agree on this decision. I get how hard it may be. And i get some people may have changed. But generally speaking people get what they deserve. There are ways to redeem yourself even if you are permanently banned. As i said. People are not banned without reason.

I guess DECA doesn’t believe in second chances or reviewing the prisoners eligible for parole.


There are second chances. By behaving good on the other platforms you can redeem yourself.
Besides that note. Bans are not comparable to prison in any way

The predecessor gave people a second chance after good behavior. That to me seems fair

Mellow we can go back and forth all day with opinions etc and we will have to agree to disagree.

But the mere fact that anyone stays banned because of a Muninn ban is farcical in itself.


So how long is your ban from HHG Discord?

People can change, lots of people quit because they were banned. Imagine if they got one last chance, would regain some players.


This is very true, some devs gave out bans based on their mood that day.


This is a very good decision by DECA, HH did very decent in keeping the game super active in every mean & I hope DECA follows that path…I hope one more Muninn from DECA arises in the community to teach them you should never hurt the someone’s fragile ego.

Imagine, banning someone just because they asked why this issue in the game exist:)


I am of the opinion that the Devs should give everyone a 2nd chance and unban everyone. It is well known that Munin wasn’t fair with his actions and people got banned for no apparent reason. This is the right thing to do DECA. Unban everyone. If these same people start acting up again I’m sure it won’t take long to ban them again.


They won’t. It’s been said. There is no convincing

Why are you defending the devs Pronk? DECA seriously needs to rethink their stance on chat banned players. This game is going to continue to lose players, which I don’t want to see happen. I usually don’t get too bent out of shape about all the glitches and issues this game has but this past month has been atrocious as far as communication coming from DECA. The lack of activities going on this month better be worth it with the next update. I know if the update isn’t great there will be high-end players and their money leaving. I see enough people complain on Discord and the hero hunters Facebook discussion group to know.

I rarely complain about this game but these last several months haven’t been fun. I love playing this game and have done so faithfully everyday for nearly 4 years. But my activity has diminished and I’ve started to play other games lately. I hope DECA brings new and exciting stuff to the game. We all want it and the game needs it!


Believe me, we would love to start dealing with any issues right off the bat. But there should always be a setting in period. We still need a bit of time to get used to the game and be able to confidently take care of it. I can assure you, there will be a lot more transparency and communication going forward!


For any future instances, things will be done differently that is a given. But the suspensions that are live currently will remain as such. I am well aware that this is not the most popular decision but it is the decision we will stand with.


It’s not unpopular, to be honest. The majority of players don’t care about who’s banned. You’ll only get pushback from a handful of players that want the bans to be lifted for all.

The transparency is appreciated regardless.


whatever the company, when I acquired a new venture, they use the theory of CTRL+C CTRL+V and with time they implement their work systems, it was the least you should have done to not leave us players abandoned whatever you say no there are excuses in my opinion your silence is causing many players to abandon the game thus causing loss of monetary values ​​for you in the future.