Being banned and none talks to you

How is possible to be Chat banned and none of the developers talks to you. Even to let you know what’s happening. Weather is a time limit for them to take a decision weather will be permanent account ban or not. And fully chat banned on ( alliance chat ban. Strategy chat ban. Officers chat ban. Global chat ban. Vip chat ban. War chat ban and even more pm chat ban. Basically can’t pm your friends And support would not reply to you) for offensive language. As a costumer how you are supposed to know what’s happening. Whatever actions will be taken I do think I am entitled to know as minimum when in about a year and half I spend 4-5k £ of my real money. Personally I know and I will give examples where Lucy Ford ( I do apologise mentioning his name) for racist abuse is only been chat ban on vip and global chat. Within the alliance and strategy and officers chat and pm he was free chat. The weirdest thing is that in a world wide game the costumer it self does not know why and how long this would last. And none would even say anything. Whatever that may be. Fully chat ban? How you suppose to call bounties or attack in war. Probably permanently banned for vip chat and global and war chat but within the alliance should be free to chat and all those things. Hopefully I will get few replies from devs too. Weather is a account ban or whatever their decision is. But standing without knowing anything on a world wide game where investing real money ( to my choice but still real money) I think a bit more info would be the least to have as an idea.

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Have you tried not doing things that get you banned? I hear that’s generally a good option.


How is it possible to not read the forum rules?

All chat bans are permanent. We review them periodically. There is no appeal process. Breaking forum rules is a sure way to ensure a ban never gets reviewed, as it shows the same lack of respect for rules and boundaries that gets people banned in the first place.

Usually, this is where someone will PM me after I lock a topic about this sort of thing. Don’t.