Are there any other way to obtain the Core MK V fragments?

Was wondering if there are other ways to obtain. the core mk V fragments aside from the quick win mission? How do you guys farm for it?


Okay so firstly, this has been asked earlier. Please before you make a post about something search it up first, for your question, mostly events and crates that give you them

Instead of berating, please provide a link to said post from earlier because I can’t see one?

In other news, to answer your question. MK5 cores fragments are usually farmed from 13-5 but can be got from some special event crates as well such as the Event Skin crates and currently the razordome crate. They on accession appear in the holiday stores too. But 100% of the time, most people will just play 13-5 multiple times or quick win to farm the gear they need.


Thank you for clarifying this, Gale. Appreciate it. Cheers and stay safe everyone.


You can also get entire mk5 core from most wanted crate if you are lucky


They should add it to heronium store.

Yea… I agree to that.

And alliance store where we already have mk1-4