MK V and MK VI cores

How about offering more events or opportunities to get MK V and MK VI cores and fragments. Right now it’s all about grinding to get frags that takes a month or more unless you spend money. Maybe a monthly event that offers MK V and MK VI cores?!?!


Hurra… I vote on you for President! Now seriously… I agree 100% :+1:t4:


I like the way it’s difficult to get, makes the game more exciting and grindable

There’s nothing exciting about grinding for MK5 and MK6. Grinding to pass Extreme Levels was exciting because it required a lot of careful team build, luck and skills. Grinding for MK5 and MK6 is just torture.


Torture is a way to describe it, i have 3 mk 6 and 2 mk 5 from past gilded event

Agreed. I second you.

Yup, or put in any store or something for exchange.

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I just wanted to say “exactly”…but,it says… Atleast 20 words require


Now I need these and I am sad how hard they are to get. I remember they use to sale them but haven’t for awhile. :confused:

Put both of them as bounty rewards for reaching
350 or 400k points.


I would honestly like to see more MK V and VI core frags be rewarded in pvp blitz’s, perhaps as a part of the 2nd tier rewards. Might be a good chance of pace and encourage players to go even further.

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@Vintermyst I think that was suggested before. I had mentioned that most of the top players have a surplus in heronium and can care less for frags. However, ruby and plat gears are much harder to come by now, so some sort of reward for that in the top 100, you would see more people go harder at it.

I guess I meant incomplete MK V and VI cores, not completed cores which are ready to be installed on a hero.

This definitely needs more consideration, they should be in the AW gem store by now.

There is one question to devs about this issue you are giving us lots of ruby cores currently through the events, is they usefull without mk5 and mk6 cores ??

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