MK VI to hard to get

What do we think about mk6 as is the second day that I am using all my stamina on it and only got 3 per each day. Well hopefully today by the time I get to sleep may get one more. I can see progress by hh :joy:

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Watch videos to get stamina. Pay gold for more stamina. Complete quests for stamina. Grind day after day.

If I am asking for a mk6 I am sure I know about what you saying but anyway nice info for all the newcomers. And spending gold for stamina is the last thing I would suggest anyone in this game. The idea is HH should look into the drop rates.

We looked into them. They’re as designed. Thanks!

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I am sure they can be as designed but the mk6 requires 206 plus mk5 requires 157. And the other mk1-4 if you’re short it takes time to build. Means a lot of time to have a hero maxed. Will be interesting to see what a hero can do at fully maxed out. But that’s unknown so far. Hopefully something exited.

To have about 120 mk5, it takes 7k stamina, it’s huge, it’s even worse for mk6

Don’t we get some in the skin crates?

Not mk5 and mk6 if I remember right. But I may be mistaken. I think from 1-4 of the mk

Mk5 are in the skin boxes

Hmm, I know when I opened the crates we get for the hero’s skin, I got some. Like for 4-ceps skin etc

Did we ever got an mk5 on the hero skin crate event. It may be there but is hard to get one throughout the event

I get about 20 Mk5 cores from the special skin event crates every time they run one. However you all need to also realise is that Mk5 will become more available when the next promotion is available presumably with the level cap increase. Just like how Mk4 was mad hard to get, Mk5 is currently hard to get but I am guessing that Mk5 will go into the alliance store when Mk6/ whatever is next comes out

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