Ask me anything

I know for sure that there are a lot of things people are curious about and want to ask but can’t make a post about, basically a question you want to ask someone specific that you know they might be able to answer, so here is an ask me anything post which anyone can answer your question in the comment, either me or someone else can answer them, this will hopefully tidy up the forums a bit

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Devs and Support:


oof not gonna lie your head must be a hot air balloon right now :joy: you’re not a dev, you don’t know everything about the game sure you may be helpful but don’t act like you are some sort of supreme source of knowledge. If people have questions they can make posts about it, this post serves no real use.

My advise to anyone who actually has a question would be ask the devs yourself on discord, they are always willing to help :+1:

Edit: to add to this without sounding as mean, I only ask what the point of this post is when you want people to ask questions on your post which are on the forums which are for asking questions. This post itself is a useless middleman and only restricts the reach genuine questions could actually get. A better way to phrase your post would be: “What questions about HH can you not find an answer for?”.


What does C.L.Y.D.E. stand for? :thinking:

second bit of advice, before you make a post about any topic hit that search button on top. Want to say like 90% of the time the topic has already been created.

C.L.Y.D.E. stands for

  • Created with
  • Life while
  • Yearning for
  • Destructive
  • Existence

Why do you want the forums to be tidied up? They seem fine to me :confused:


I also echo Gale and Lappo. A truly wise player let’s their knowledge speak for itself in simplicity, humility, and discretion. Advertising one’s own knowledge only puffs up the ego in pride, and is not fitting for a truly great player. Be careful of that when you’re posting on the forums.


Any questions? Okey. Which size have Nightingale? Do you have a chance make headshot to Galante?

1)Medium Size Drink
2)No, his main point is that he has no head hitbox


What’s the yellow spinning ring? What is it’s meaning? Why does it come? What is it’s source? Why?!?

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oof these comments are harsh. Let holy Godlante lighten your day lol


Were you a beta player?

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Yes, I actually had an account before my own which should be around 1060 days, but my current has 980

Also, sorry to all if this has post is pretty useless, I just thought if there’s anything to small to make a post about they could as here and ANYONE could answer, not just me, but I suppose I could ask a dev to get it removed or just wait till ITS gone

Galante cannot he headshotted, I have tested multiple times from multiple angles, he is headless

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He actually does have a head, it just has no hit box for some reason, though to be fair the only time you could hit it is when he’s crouching or using strafe. Every other time he’s turned sideways and shooting you.

Was gonna say that, but couldn’t get a pic last night that showed his little head. Initially, it’s always protected.

But you can’t hit it

What you smoking man! This guy, lol :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Whenever i type in a search subject it almost never has a match but i know you guys have a page some were out there. Also i hardley know how to use forums, when i click back it always throws me off of forums than i have to sign in and start all over again. What am i doing wrong ?? Is there a link i can check out to teach me how to better use forums?